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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fun Finds and Lindsay's Giveaway!

I've been super busy this weekend, and still have a busy Sunday afternoon ahead of me! We are going to a friends house tonight to have a Hanukkah dinner all together, can't wait!

Yesterday I pretty much spent the entire day out shopping. My friend Deedra and I hit up Starbucks (where I tried an egg nog latte for the first time, YUM!!) and then shopped some of the thrift stores! We got lots of cute stuff. Deedra scored majorly with her awesome buffet for her dining room that she is in the process of putting together, it's all going to look so awesome!

Here are some of fun finds I got!

 A cute Hanukkah bear waterglobe that plays the Dreidel song!

 This gorgeous dart board and case that was a STEAL and I snagged it as soon as I saw them bring it from the back and everyone was eyeballing my cart the rest of the time we were in there!

 Sweet Santa tea light oil burner.

 metal card wreath! SO happy I found one! My cards are already hung on display!

A beautiful apple bowl for my kitchen. See it matches my kitchen walls and my kitchen is apples :)

 And this cute owl that I just couldn't resist!!! Not sure what he's for but he's cute and he's made of copper I think! :)

I found some other random stuff that I didn't take pictures of, but are special none the less! I love thrift shopping and Starbucks on the weekends!

Also, be sure to check out Lindsay's Giveaway and enter for a chance to win some FREE stuff! Everyone loves free stuff!! Here's a pic of some of the stuff she's giving away.

I'm particullarly fond of the ice cream kitchen timer myself! :)

 HURRY!  The winner will be drawn next Sunday (that's the 20th!) Check out her Giveaway page for more pictures and all the details! :)

I'm off to bake some fried jelly filled donuts for tonight :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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  1. Cute finds chica! Thanks for entering my giveaway!! Still not sure how I'm going to draw the winner, I want it to be fun! Any ideas???? Love the owl statue!!
    P.S Can you car my tow? LOL

  2. Iam diggin that little timer too! Too cutsie!
    Again, love the blog!

  3. That snowglobe is too cute. I got an m&m Elvis ornament for my tree last night. He's pretty cute.

  4. Oh Brianna I love Elvis! I wanna see pics of that ornament!

    Lindsay, yes I will car your toe anytime! You're a nerd LOL loves ya!

  5. hahaha! that was so funny! It just randomly popped in my head while writing that comment! :)

  6. mmm, you will so have to post the recipe for those doughnuts :)