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Monday, April 5, 2010

Handmade (love) bunny & Egg Hunt

 We had a good day yesterday. Ariana loved all the stuff she got (especially the eggs! She even took an egg bubble bath last night LOL!) 

My mom sent her the basket from last year, some eggs, a sticker coloring book and little mini book. 
My mother in law sent her a stuffed bunny and some cookies. 
We got her a book about bunnies, some bubbles, and I made her a crocheted bunny.
And of course we had lots of plastic eggs! 

Isn't he cute! I love how he turned out! I used a Lion Brand pattern, but changed his ears from what their pattern said. 
I call him a love bunny, which is what I call Ariana. She is just a little love bunny!

Her basket and cookies and my chocolate egg and bath fizzy!

Checking out the basket of goodies.

 Aww, kissing her bunny I made her!

On the egg hunt, she ran out and ran towards the first egg. Then, she knew what to do. I didn't even have to tell her to look for them, she just did it on her own, and loved it!!

I love this little dress, we didn't buy it for the occasion, but I thought it would be pretty for the day.

Off to find "nother". That was what she said whenever she saw "another egg" LOL


Having fun! (sorry for the sun behind her)

Then she wanted to open them all and would hand them to me to "sis it" (fix it, close them back up)

Trying to carry 3 eggs at a time.

It was a fun day!!

I'm sure I'm going to be reading lots of cute photo Easter posts in the next few days!! I can't wait! Hope everyone had a great day!


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  1. She is sooo cute!!! And the bunny is awesome! : )

  2. I love the bunny how cute you did such a great job! What a little cutie


  3. Your daughter is adorable! Love the picture of her kissing the bunny you crocheted her. Great job by the way. It turned out great!

  4. she is so cute!! i love her hair!!!!!!!

  5. Cute cute pics!! I love how how her little bucket matched her dress. I also love the cute pink bunny you made her.

    I am so sad that I only took 2 pics. I can't get over it. I always carry my camera and I always take pics. I just was not in the mood--:(

  6. OH my goodnes...I just love all these pictures. That rabbit you made is adorable. I wish I could do stuff like that for my boys.

    We made "P-Easter" wasn't the same without you.

  7. You did a great job!!! You are such a good mommy!!!

  8. The bunny is ADORABLE! Love the little heart nose - and of course your little one is sooo cute. Looks like she had a super fun Easter.

  9. You must be mom of the year!!! How cute is that bunny? I have a stuffed rabbit (Bunnykins) who my mom and dad put in my easter basket when I was three. He still lives with me to this day...yesterday was his 20th birthday :) Your little girl will love this bunny for years to come!

  10. she's adorable! looks like a wonderful easter! :)

  11. Your daughter is sooo cute and the bunny you made is 2 cute - you did an amazing job!!!