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Friday, March 25, 2011

Seeing Sleeping Beauty

I thought I better post these before the weekend got here.
LAST weekend we went to see the community play Sleeping Beauty on base. It was our first test to see if Ariana could sit quietly for 2 hours out in public surrounded by people she didn't know.
And guess what?! She could!!

It was a small play put on by some adults and teens on base. They really did a great job!
Ariana loved it, even though she's never seen the Disney Sleeping Beauty movie. It was a musical, so there were a few parts we explained to her so she could understand what was going on. 

Hehe, we love seeing plays and musicals so we were excited that she loved it and now we can share our love for theater with her! Awww, her first play!!! :)

Walking to the play. Check out the creepy 'stache (it's getting old) and Ariana had to bring Peter Rabbit too!

Enjoying the show (and Ariana and I matched!!Pink shirt, yellow sweater, hello fun Spring colors!) We got all princessed up, purple sparkly nail polish and all! Oh yea, and see the guy beside me. Yea, he gave his 2 or 3 year old little girl Monster energy drink during the show. And then they couldn't figure out why she wouldn't sit down and kept running up and down the aisle after that. I'm not one to judge parenting styles, but really Monster energy drink??? It's not good for adults, it DEFINITELY isn't good for kids! Hmmm....parents these days!

The Prince was a little rock and roll! :) He was great!

So was the evil witch! That woman could sing and man she played a good evil witch!

Ariana's super fake *grimace* smile hahahaha!!!!

All in all a great success! We can't wait to take her to more fun things like this!

Also, Disney might be in our future soon! I want her to experience the magic of princesses in person!!
Disney World or Disneyland Paris?? Hmmm....
"Tough choices innit?"
(Ariana quotes this from the Sea Witch in Little Mermaid!)


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  1. That looks like so much fun - I wanna go!

  2. This is super cute. :-) Glad she had fun at the play!

  3. oh that looks like fun! talk about stage makeup tho!