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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Before he was my Husband!

This is one of my favorite pictures! 
It was taken April 23, 2004, almost exactly seven years from today.

It's me and my hubs, when he was only my fiancee, and he was graduating from basic training from the Air Force in Texas. I love it so much that it's one of the photos I carry around in my wallet. Husband hates the big hat but I'm pale and it was a hot sunny day sitting outside for hours for their graduation ceremony in Texas, do you blame me? Well, maybe you do, but I still like it! I kinda felt like I needed to be at the Kentucky Derby or something :)

Check out how skinny he was! Basic training will do that to you! Sorry for the quality, obviously it's a picture of a picture because I was too lazy to scan it into the computer. And let's face it, camera quality has evolved a LOT in the past 7 years! It's not the most stellar picture to begin with.

Still can't believe how long ago this was!
Flying from Georgia to Texas for his graduation was the first time really flying too. I flew once when I was like 3 but I don't really remember much.

I thought this would be fun to share, and I'm linking up with Saturday Snapshot over on Yellow Songbird. It's perfect since it's almost the exact day the photo was taken.

Happy weekend, folks!!


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  1. It's an adorable picture. And I like the hat! Being pale myself I completely understand the need to protect from the sun. It's adorable really!

  2. so sweet! i love looking back on old photos :)

  3. Love the hat! Gorgeous couple. It's amusing to me for a 7 year old photo to be called old! :D

  4. Too cute! I love the hat! I'm always envious of anyone who can pull one off. :)

  5. how precious!!! thanks for linking up, lady :)