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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Mother's Day

I'm so blessed to be the Mommy to such a sweet little girl. It's so amazing the love you feel for your kids and how much joy the little things they do and say bring to your life. If you're a parent, you know what I mean. It's such awesome level of love. Ariana, I love you to the moon and back!

Sunday was Mother's Day and of course hubs had to work. So, we officially celebrated it on Monday. That didn't stop him from waking me up Sunday morning with a kiss and whispered Happy Mother's Day in my ear. And I got the sweetest facebook message on my wall.

"Happy Mother's Day my love. I am amazed everyday when I watch you with our Ariana. I love you always."

I love him!

Here's a breakdown of my special day.

I woke up to find Rich had whipped up these amazing cheesecake pancakes with strawberries! Oh heaven!

I opened my cards and my present which was a new necklace and earrings!

Then Ariana and I played and colored and then I took an extra long shower! 

We went to base  and booked train tickets for Paris for this coming weekend (YES!!!!!)
Surprise last minute trips rock!!
Here's how that happened...

Him: What do you want to do today?
Me: Hmm, I don't know. I wish we could go somewhere.
Him: How about we drive down to Paris?  
Me: Are you serious right now?
Him: Yea why not, we could be there by 1pm.
Me: Ok!
Him: Or we could go next weekend when we have more time.
Me: Yea let's do that, I'd rather have more time.
Him: Do you want to drive or take the train? And do you want to stay 1 night or 2?
Me: Train! And let's stay 2 nights!

After we bought our train tickets we bought some overpriced sunglasses and browsed the new Mac laptops.
Then we took Ariana to the indoor play place for a while.

Finished off the day with an awesome dinner at Macaroni Grill. 

Oh and I got the sweetest smelling pink roses on Sunday night when my love got home from work :)

It was a pretty perfect day. Hope all you other Mothers had magical days too!


This fell right into the theme for Motherhood on You Capture this week so I'm linking up.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Well, you've got some gorgeous red hair there. It sounds like you've got an AWESOME family. And I'm totally jealous that you can just "drive down to Paris." AWESOME!

  2. Wow! Those pancakes look soooooooo good!!! Sounds like your mothers day was stellar. Yay! Paris? That's so exciting! Yay!

  3. LOVE the first picture - great shot of you.

  4. That is such a sweet photo of you and your daughter!!
    I can't believe that you get to go to Paris for the weekend! I dream of a trip like that. AMAZING!

  5. SO jealous that you get to go to Paris! JD Man had to work on Sunday too (well, in the afternoon, after church) and has been just as busy since then (oh, WHY does Mother's Day have to fall in the middle of planting season?!), so we haven't celebrated at all. That makes me sad. but it sounds like you had a MARVELOUS Mother's Day! You totally deserve it!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day! I can't wait to see your photos from Paris! :)

  7. those pancakes have my mouth watering.. yummy! hope you enjoy your little getaway, sounds lovely!

  8. Oh, you lucky girl! How awesome!

  9. Oh, you lucky girl! How awesome!

  10. Love the post! Sounds like you live very near to me...Paris is just a four hour drive. Amazing, isn't it? :)

  11. I can't stop looking at those pancakes! And a weekend in Paris? C'est tres bon, ca!