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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My photography tattooed! {a special interview}

Oh my gosh y'all! 
Remember those peacock photos I posted a while back?
Well, my sister Sarah has gotten one of my photographs of the peacock feathers turned into a tattoo! How awesome is that!?! She got it done this past week and I thought it would be fun to feature an interview with her!

Name: Sarah
Age: 23

Here is my photograph, and her tattoo side-by-side.

Tell me about this tattoo:
I'd been wanting a tattoo in color for some time, and I started looking at the meaning of different tattoos. Different flowers, different birds, etc. When I came across the meaning of a peacock feather, it fit with what I had been wanting, and we had just gone to Flamingo Gardens and my sister had taken some gorgeous pictures of peacocks, so I thought it would be cool to be able to incorporate her into my tattoo. So I had a replica of her photograph made into a tattoo by my tattooist. 

Buddist believe that because the peacock eats poisonous plants they prove the ability to strive in the face of great adversity. This just reminds me that even in your darkest hour you can get through it, you can mantain yourself, and be strong and beautiful no matter what.

Artist of tattoo:
"Fish" at Whole Addiction in Coral Springs, Florida.

Tell us about your first tattoo. How old were you and what did you get and why?
I was 18 and I got 10 stars on my shoulder. I just really love stars and it was a implusive moment with my best friend and I love them.

Tell us about any other tattoos you have:
I have a treble clef that turns into a heart at the bottom on my left wrist. I have a deep love of music and participated in the marching band through high school.

What's your favorite tattoo?
My feather, definitely!

Do you plan on getting any more?
Yes, I would love to have Lady Justice, possibly in between my shoulder blades. I'm a criminal justice major and I feel that it would be a great reminder that even though a case may not go as you want, you still have to stay strong, blind, and fair.

Any advice to give people who are thinking about getting their first tattoo:
Take a friend with you! Don't think about it for too long or you'll talk yourself out of it. Be prepared to want more!

I hope y'all enjoyed my little interview. I thought it was too cool an opportunity to pass up. Thanks Sarah for letting me feature you and telling us about your tattoos!


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  1. SO COOL! We're decorating with peacock feathers at our wedding, so I've been obsessed with them lately. Man, I love tattoos!

  2. Wow, the tattoo artist did a great job capturing the essence of your photo. We also had peacock feathers at our wedding. (In my arrangement and as a gorgeous fan that my grandmother carried.) They are just beautiful!

  3. I'd say that a tattoo is the highest form of appreciation for your photo, Cat!

  4. BTW Sarah is quite a lovely young lady. I like the way she thinks!

  5. Wow! That is really cool. The tattoo came out beautifully!

  6. Thank you ladies! My sister is really proud of it and so am I! :) She loved reading all the sweet comments!