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Thursday, August 29, 2013

On The Way to Kindergarten!

Dear Ariana,
My baby. My little Kindergartener,

This week, you had your first day of Kindergarten. I can hardly believe it! You're still only 4 years old and a Kindergartener. A KINDERGARTENER! I've been thinking a lot about you and how much of my heart you hold. How you are my baby girl. You will always be my baby girl. My baby. My little Kindergartener.

 I'm not sure whether I was hit with the fact that you won't be our ONLY baby anymore very soon, or the fact that you weren't a baby anymore because you were going to school full time. Kindergarten. Real school. Every day. The start of your education. Honestly, it was probably both that tugged at my heart strings. And it's not just any Kindergarten, but German Immersion Kindergarten. You'll learn so much this year, including German and hopefully if things work out Italian too. I want that for you but at the same time I want to keep you little forever. 

You're 4 and 3/4 years old, 36 pounds, and still ride in a carseat. Your favorite color is red and you can read 68 sight words on your own. You love to learn and when you grow up you tell us you want to be an astronaut, gymnastics teacher and a mommy. You know all your planets and many facts about them. You have memorized some of your favorite books by heart, including your Ariel tag reader book which you can recite front to back. You love being able to read to us now.

You dislike bananas but LOVE pizza (sausage or pepperoni). You're favorite TV show is a DVD of classic Carebears episodes and your favorite movie is The Little Mermaid even though you say Snow White is your favorite princess. Secretly, I think you just love the songs in The Little Mermaid the best. You adore sparkly shoes, painting, dressing up (pretend or real) and singing. You're a busy body and love swimming, gymnastics, climbing the tree in our backyard, dancing, and riding your bike. You're so curious, you ask us questions like "Why is the ocean salty if the rain isn't" and "Did the first person on earth have a Mommy?" You just learned how to blow up balloons all by yourself and want to give everyone you know a balloon. You love making up knock knock jokes even if they don't always make sense. You're so hilariously funny even when you don't mean to me. You make people laugh all the time! You're confident, friendly, energetic, loving, creative, kind and a little bit of a perfectionist. You're also hard headed when you don't get your way and can be very persistent.

The night before Kindergarten it took at least 30 minutes of family discussion on what outfit you wanted to wear.  Laying your favorites out on your bed and matching shoes with them all. You decided on a rainbow skirt, purple shirt and of course pink sparkly shoes! We read a book that you and Daddy checked out at the library called "On The Way To Kindergarten" and I broke down and cried in the middle of the book and couldn't finish it. I was so overwhelmed with love for you, my little girl. You're like a little bit of magic in my life. I wish I could bottle up these sweet memories of you and keep them forever! When I started crying, then you started crying even before you knew what I was crying about. You're that tenderhearted. You snuggled up next to me and I smoothed your hair and breathed you in. My baby. My little Kindergartener.

As I tucked you in, you hugged me tight and told me "Mommy you're my favorite. I love you a zillion-twenty nine-eighty!" Tears all over again. You're my favorite too. My baby. My little Kindergartener.

On the morning of your first day of Kindergarten you didn't want to get up. You're not a morning person and waking you up can be a challenge at times. But once you were up, you were excited and a little nervous. We made scrambled egg sandwiches and talked about your teachers that you had met a few days before, and all the friends you already knew that were going to be in your class (Ellie, Anthony, and Mary) I packed your lunch and a snack for you, and after a few pictures by the front door we were on our way! My baby. My little Kindergartener.

Daddy left work to come meet us to drop you off. You definitely loved that he was there for you to see you off. You hung your Hello Kitty bookbag in your cubby like you had prepared your whole life for that moment. You went right in and greeted your teacher and found your seat. I wanted to linger, I wasn't ready to leave you. But you didn't need me there. You were excited to see your friends and find out what you were going to learn that day. You sat there nervously, across from Mary (you called her your table mate) waiting to see what they were going to do first. But you were smiling and I knew you would be okay. My baby. My little Kindergartener.

And then, just like that, your first day began. You went and became a Kindergartener. A little bit more grown up than the day before. But, always know, you will ALWAYS be my baby. No matter if it's your first day of Kindergarten, middle school, high school, college... you will always be my baby. I know it'll always be hard for me, every first day, but I hope you'll always be smiling just like you were that first day of Kindergarten. Your love of learning and your bubbly personality taking over and pushing you forward, into the world.

My baby. My little Kindergartener.

I love you so much!

Love Forever,

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  1. I think you've made every mommy cry with this as we remember how we also dropped off our babies (and grandbabies). Imagine when you drop her off for college--bigger tears--bigger joys. ~~~Arlene

  2. hey there,
    im new to your blog ..
    and stationed in germany as well.
    is your daughter in a german kindergarten?
    xoxo tina.

    1. Well hi! That's awesome that you're stationed in Germany as well. I hope you're liking it here. To answer your question, no my daughter is NOT in a german kindergarten, we tried that and didn't have a good experience. She attends an American run private kindergarten that teaches German. Send me an email at and I'll be happy to give you more information if you would like :)