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Monday, October 7, 2013

Dear Judah: Week 3

Dear Judah,

It's past week 3 and this letter to you is late. Mostly because you are going through a "don't put me down, not even for a second" phase. Which isn't that bad 92% of the time, but when I need to pee, or make Ariana breakfast, or put clothes on, I realize just how much I love having two hands to do things with, because one of them has been cradling you constantly this past week. I've seriously written this letter two sentences at a time, it's been that much.

This week you went on your first day trip a hour away to Trier. Grammy was still here visiting and we wanted to show her a fun day in a German city before she left. You rode in the Ergo the whole day on my front like a little baby kangaroo in your pouch. We both loved it. You discovered your thumb at one point and sucked on it completely content for a good 15 minutes. It was so cute.

You and I also spent our first real day alone together when Daddy went back to work, Ariana went to school and Grammy flew back to the United States. Of course we cuddled most of the day together. Just me and you baby boy.

I also caught one of your little sleep smiles this week! So sweet, can't wait to see a REAL one!

There are 2 things that you absolutely do not like. One is not being fed AS SOON as you decide you are maybe, kinda, sort of,  possibly getting hungry. The other is a wet diaper. Poop diaper, no problem, but get a little pee in your diaper and you suddenly become a prince about it. No, you do not like pee diapers at all, and you let us know about it real quick.

This is probably going to be the last weekly letter I'll write, and then I'll aim to do monthly notes to you. Weekly just seems too overwhelming. Or it could be the fact that I can't put you down at the moment and my silly brain thinks I can still do everything as quickly and efficiently as before and then I get frustrated about it. I have to remind myself that you are only 3 weeks old and to take it easy on myself. So all the laundry didn't get folded, there is always the next day. We will get into our own little routine and things will start evening out before I know it.

You've moved out of newborn size diapers and into size 1 just before you turned 3 weeks old. We could have probably left you in newborn size but we used up all the packages of newborn diapers that we had, and size 1 fits you fine so we just bumped you up. Your clothes are starting to get too small though. You're totally outgrowing some of your newborn clothes already and it makes me a little sad. Might be time to break out the 3 month clothes for real even though they are still too big on you. You're in between sizes right now which is how I feel because my pre-pregnancy clothes are too tight and my maternity clothes are too big. You'll grow and I'll shrink! That's our plan! I am going to miss seeing you in some of those precious newborn clothes though.

You got your first "real" bath this week. In the actual baby bathtub, with actual soap and water, instead of just the damp cloth wipe-downs I was giving you. By the time we got everything set up (bathtub, water, towel, diaper, pj's, etc) and the bathroom warmed up you were crying. And you cried for most of the bath too. Of course it was a family ordeal with Mommy washing with one wash cloth, Ariana rinsing with another wash cloth, and Daddy drying and dressing you. You had already gotten yourself all worked up and only stopped crying just before we got you out of the tub. I didn't even get any pictures of the chaotic ordeal.

We are trying to enjoy this newborn cuddling stage with you for as long as we can because we know it will be gone all too quickly and then we'll be missing it. So what if people think we are spoiling you already.

We love you!


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1 comment:

  1. I don't think you can spoil a baby. Soon enough he will walk away from you to explore the world. Hold him and cuddle while you can. Great letter to him.