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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dear Judah: 2 Months!

Dear Judah,

You are 2 months old and you have changed so much. You (we) have had a busy month. It feels like you have always been a part of our family, it's amazing.

I love how much your sister loves you. I think you already love her as much as she loves you because you light up when she's around. All she has to do is say hi to you and you smile at her! Yes, you've started smiling. Like really smiling. You gave us your first real grins at 5 weeks It's been hard to capture on camera because my camera is huge and whenever I get it out it's all in your face and you get all serious and study it, and then I can't get you to smile.

It was Halloween this past month. You got a sweet lion costume from Aunt Sarah and Grammy and Ariana was Elphaba. You turned 7 weeks old exactly on Halloween and were smiling up a storm for me in the car while Daddy and Ariana were running errands and we were nursing. You slept through you first time trick or treating as I toted you around the neighborhood on base.

You also got your passport and you were very proud of it. That means we can go out of the country of Germany with you now. We were so anxious to get it and yet we still haven't gone anywhere. We got the passport when you were 7 weeks old too! What a lucky boy you're going to be. World traveler and you won't even remember it. Lucky for you I'll document it all in photos. Even though you probably won't smile because of the big in your face camera and all.

We love our Ergo but needed something smaller and cozier while you are so small and cozy. We decided on the Baby K'Tan which is a sling and you love it. After Mommy got the hang of how to put you in it it's your favorite snuggle spot. All close to me and I can kiss your little head and fold clothes at the same time! Hurray for 2 free hands!

We've gotten out your activity mat a few times for you but I think you get overwhelmed quickly by it because there is so much to do/look at and Ariana is always trying to show you everything. But slowly but surely you've been enjoying it a little more each time.

You still love storytime but you like it more when we read short stories to you before bedtime. Ariana loves reading to you of course and we try to include her as much as we can. She's like your second mama!

We really really have been loving our baby k'tan. We wear it around the house, the bx, and out and about other places. It's so simple and keeps us close just like we like it.

Tummy time gets forgotten sometimes but you are getting the hang of it and gaining strength. As well as stregnth you are also gaining weight like a champ. Even with our nursing bumps in the road you've been eating well and growing. You're already 12 lbs (our lactation consultant weighed you at 8 weeks) and you're in size 1 diapers and size 3 month clothes. But don't worry you still do that precious thing where you curl up your legs when we pick you up from sleeping.

Things I've noticed about you at 2 months:
- You smile now!
- You watch what is going on around you. 
- Sometimes all I have to do is get in your field of vision and you stop fussing and smile.
- You rub your face when you're tired (something Ariana never did)
- You smiled at Sophie your giraffe for the first time the other day.
- You are watching your hands and trying to learn to use them. I've watched you watching your hands as you've been grasping at a blanket nearby.
- You always look like you have something to say when you are alert, but so far you're pretty quiet.
- You still get the hiccups daily and you don't like them one bit. Sometimes it sounds like you say "ow" after a few hiccups.
- You curl your toes around my top lip when I kiss those sweet baby feet.

Yep, you're a keeper! 
Even if you seem to mix up your days and nights sometimes (I'm writing this on 4 hours of scattered sleep.) 
These smiles are worth every minute!

Love you always, 

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