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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Ho-ho" came to visit, and my Mom too!

Haha! Ariana calls Santa "ho-ho"! It's so cute! That was her new favorite word, probably because there were Santa pictures or dolls everywhere we went!

Be warned...this blog is LOOOONG and full of pictures! Each picture will be followed by a short caption and that's it!

My mom came!

We were about to have a blizzard.

Christmas Eve

 Ho, ho, ho!! :) hehe!

 Ariana colored a card for Santa.

 And added stickers!

Our beautiful Christmas Eve table and my finger garland with some of my cards hanging from it.


 Our turkey kind of fell apart, but was AWESOME!

 Family ♥

 We set out the cookies for Santa and went to bed...

 Ho-ho came!! You can't even see half the gifts are blocked by the arm of the couch.

 She loved the ball pit, Santa knows her so well!

 Santa brought her a potty since she has started knowing when she "tee-tee"s. Mommy would love to get her potty trained before Daddy leaves.

 Cookie Monster was practically jumping out of her stocking!

 She got a new toothbrush and she LOVED it!

 New hairbows, and what else!?

 She was so serious about opening each present and seeing what fun toy was inside. She could have cared less about the paper LOL

 Check out our fake fire, LOL it was a fireplace DVD I found at Target!

 Garmin was one his big gifts from my Momma!

 Ariana opening her Cabbage Patch from Grammy. She got 2 Cabbage Patch dolls, along with 4 other dolls!

 Standing in her potty!

 I am so excited to say that I am the PROUD OWNER of this sewing machine!!
I LOVE IT!!! Thank you Momma!

 Our driveway and HUGE snow drift!!

 Richards car.
 The front of our house after one night!

 You can't even tell that there are 8 steps under there!!!

 Looking out from the garage! We got 11 inches or more!

 Poor Harley was swimming in it!

 Our front door was covered by this mountain of snow, literally "snowed in" and it kept on snowing!

 Trying to keep us clear...

 Showing how deep the snow was up past his knees!

 Watching Daddy shovel snow.

 Working hard, took him hours and that was even with a nice guy that offered to snow blow our driveway and most of our sidewalk.

 Being a cute little 'tinker!

 just aww!

 Me and my Momma!

 huge icicle


 snowflakes in my Momma's hair!

 Walking down the sidewalk, the snow is almost as tall as her!

Helping Grammy vacuum! haha!

Thanks for making it to the end of the blog! My next post is going to be my FIRST project that I've completed on my sewing machine!! It turned out soo cute, I can't wait to share it!

Much love

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!!! That's a whole lotta snow!!! WOW!!! You and your mom look just alike!!! Such great pics!!!

  2. haha your post looks just like mine. Cool you used my idea for hanging the cards on the finger-knitted garland! I love my sewing machine I got too! we have 2 of those Garmin GPS's, I never use mine though, Josephs is better so I always hijack his. Good luck on the potty training :D Kaylee got several dolls I think about 7 in total, everyone got her one since I said she didnt have many. doll overload!!! Glad you guys had a great Christmas, hope the snow slows down for you guys! Yay for mom's visiting, wish my family could have been here, at least we have Skype!!

  3. what a great looking Christmas! Your little girl is so cute :)

    Sewing machine sweet!

    I don't know how ya'll handle that much snow oh my word!