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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too cute not to post!

Ok, this was just too cute, I just had to post this before I get off the computer for the night! Today while I was taking my shower, my hubby and daughter apparently played dress up and this is what I found...

 Hairbows! 7 hairbows in her hair! Richard said she picked out the colors haha!

 Taking a peek at herself. (Sorry about the gross mirror we are in her room) I love her haircolor, what color would you call that? She's starting to get major curls in the back, it looks like I never brush it, but trust me we are trying to "fix it" constantly!

haha I love her leaned back pose in this one...

Ok hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Any good plans? If you didn't see enter yet, don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!


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  1. Little girls are the best! She is adorable - and has a great fashion sense.

  2. Aww! She is so stinkin' cute! I miss her cuteness!!

  3. How cute!!!
    I love how she's looking at herself in the mirror lol lol.
    She's definetly gonna be a diva lol lol

  4. that pic is so cute of her working it( the last one). I love all those bows she picked out.

    Check out Elsie's blog to see how to make some if you haven't made your own already. I never even tried so I know what i will be doing next week--:)

  5. cutest thing ever! thanks for sharing :)

  6. She's so adorable! :)

    Oh, and I didn't have your email so I decided to write a comment to thank you for the Happy Mail goodies you sent me! =))) I was so excited to get them a couple days ago! LOVE all of it!


  7. I love the pictures of your daughter. She is to cute. You may have a future super model on your hands and her hair color seems to be a little strawberry blonde, my fav. Thanks for following my blog and for the recent comment.

  8. awwww how presh. Play time with Daddy's is so much fun!!

  9. oh my goodness so precious!! i love these pictures!!