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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lipstick, Rainbows, and Caramel Apples!!

Unfortunately not everything in life is lipstick. As much as Ariana might think it is. She always loved putting on my chap stick and anytime she sees me with it, she wants to put some on too!
 Usually it's fine, and I always let her.
 Well, I was in the bathroom and she got a hold of my mascara from on the countertop. I didn't think anything of it cause she literally had it 10 seconds and the top was ALL the way screwed on. I figured she wouldn't be able to open it and that it would be okay for her to hold for a few seconds.

When I looked down to take it from her, I saw THIS!!!

She had completely opened it and then proceeded to put it LIPSTICK! 

I was totally shocked and busted out laughing!! I had to take a couple pics before I cleaned her up. I could barely keep the camera still I was laughing so hard! You have to admit, she did a pretty good job putting her "lipstick" on!! :) Such a girly girl!

On a craft note...

Here are 2 felt plushies I made a while back but kept forgetting to blog about them. They were gifts so I waited for the recipients to get them, and then I just kept forgetting about posting about them. I have other plushies that I've made but I'm going to post them in another post.


Caramel covered apple. About the size of a real caramel covered apple, yum!

I'm also working on my craft swap items. I went with my first idea that I had when I first saw that Janel was having a craft swap. I decided to just go with my first gut instinct, and they are turning out really cute!


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  1. Super cute plushies and ewwwww on the mascara, but I would have definitely been laughing and snapping pics too! haha! I agree, she sure did a good job with it tho!

  2. lol that is too funny!!! the plushies are super cute :D


  3. OMG! I totally forgot to tell you that I got the plushie and LOVED it!! It's on our dining table in our fruit bowl! ha!

  4. Little girls are ALWAYS fun! I bet she was a shocked when it didn't taste like chapstick.

  5. ahhhhh! overwhelmingly cute!
    i remember my little brother getting into my mom's makeup once - he put makeup all over a bunch of stuffed animals. and not so much in a pretty on their face way. haha.
    the rainbow plushie is awesome! you make me want to make some :)

  6. funny! kids are crazy. super cute plushies!

  7. That is too funny Ariana's "Lipstick." The plushies are adorable.

  8. DUUUUUUUDE the mascara thing! It happened to my daughter too!!! So funny. she looks so GOTH. ;) ha ha ha. Lovely plushies. happy Friday.

  9. hehehe! that is so freaking cute!! I had to get my boyfriend to the computer to show him too.

  10. Ariana did a great job with her first "lipstick".

    I love your plushies.

  11. She is super cute and I am LOVING her gumball machine top!!! That rainbow plushie is AMAZING!: )

  12. Your plushies are adorable! Ariana is a cutie (even with her "lipstick") - I love her gum ball shirt!

  13. Perhaps your baby wants to be part of the Goth scene :) That is too funny! I got your letter in the mail today, I have a few to catch up on. So until then, thanks and have a lovely weekend!

  14. I love the photos of her with her "lipstick"! She is so cute.
    And so are those plushies!

  15. Oh my gosh! How did you get that off of her face. It is so tough when you know you shouldn't laugh bu you just cannot help it :) She is such a cutie, even with a Charlie Chaplin moustache.

    I looooove the rainbow plushie. That is so adorable :)

  16. Haha I had to link this to my bf. Too funny!

    Anyways, Im a new follower of yours! Was look around your blog and I love all the cute stuff you make!

    Ps, the nail polish rocks!


  17. OMG THAT IS HILARIOUS. Amazing!! Those plushies are cauuuuute too. Love.

  18. If you want a rainbow plushie she is selling them $5.00 each. lol just kidding. But I think she should! Whos with me? Ariana is too funny lol.

  19. D'aww, so cute!

  20. I am soooo glad that you are going with your gut project for Janel's swap!! I can't wait to see what it is!
    Your daughter and her lipstick it tooo funny! She did do a great job!
    Love your plushies!!! They are super adorable!! Great work!!! Keep it up!

  21. My son has done this too. Still a cute photo though. Lovely blog
    nicole visiting from

  22. Oh my gosh that is hysterical! If she only knew what it looked like, and it probably didn't taste very good either! She is a doll.
    Thanks for your kind comments about my blog!