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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Savannah Bound!

The past few days have been so busy and stressful. Probably right now as you are reading this I'm on my way to Georgia! Whoohooo!!!! Ariana and I are flying there for a week and a half to visit with my and Rich's families. Now that everything is in order, and everything is packed (except a few last minute things) I'm starting to get nervous!!

While I'm a seasoned traveler, Ariana has never flown. She's usually a very good child (probably something every parent says, but this is true in my case!) Our flight is pretty early in the morning which means I'm going to have to wake her up a few hours before she normally wakes up, and I'm not sure how she'll do on the plane. I've got several different toys and activities packed but I'm just not sure what to expect. ALSO, our layover in Dallas is only 40 minutes, which is really cutting it close! I just hope everything goes smoothly and she's not one of those ANNOYING kids that screams and pitches a fit on the plane (which she might do if her lack of sleep starts to get to her). I pray she sleeps (at least part of one flight) and that she stays on my lap and doesn't try to squirm off constantly. 

I'm not sure how much I'm going to blog (if any) while I'm I may be MIA for a while. I do have a couple crafty things I want to share that I've already started blogs about. I might post those. I'll have to see how the trip goes. I'm sure there will be lots to tell when I get back!

It's going to be so great to see my family! I'm so excited for them to spend time with Ariana. I've decided that 18 months is my favorite age. I probably say that about every age she is, but this age just has me smitten! She's still young enough to feel like a baby still, yet she's chattering all the time now and is always doing something cute or funny! We crack each other up all day long! I just know all my family is going to love Little Miss Personality! 

In the past week I turned her car seat around for the first time! She's pretty petite for her age. She only just hit the weight that our car seat allows her to be forward facing. She's pretty happy with the change! She loves watching where we are going and the fact that she can see me better! :)

Well, it's getting late and I have to get to bed and get some sleep before the long day tomorrow!
Savannah or bust!


P.S. If you are reading this before 2pm est, PLEASE hope things are going well for me! Thanks in advance :)

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  1. She's so adorable! I hope you'll have a safe and blessed trip! :)

    P.S. I'm new here, am linking you.

  2. Not sure where you are, but I will cover all my bases: Have a safe flight. Hope you had a safe flight. Have fun!

  3. Have fun Relax and I hope everything goes well for you ;) :)

  4. Hope your trip home is an easy one!

  5. Have fun girl!!!! I hope you have a safe trip


  6. Bon voyage! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  7. Sounds like lots of fun, hope you're enjoying it!

  8. It's so much better when they turn around and then you can adjust your mirror and make cute faces at each other. Be safe!

  9. ekk that's awesome! i love savannah (as you already know!) hope you have a blast!!!!
    cant wait to see pictures