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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday Confessions & Cupcake

Happy 4th of July everyone! 

Before I get into my Sunday Confessions, I wanted to post pics of Ariana from today. I bought this outfit last June. I was glad to see that it fit her!

~Sunday Confessions~

1. I dream of being a wedding planner.
This will probably always be a dream. Being a military family, we move too much for me to feel comfortable learning all the florist/bakeries/photographers etc. to feel I could really do my job. I've always loved planning parties and putting all the little details together and see it all come together on the final day. I think weddings are in my blood. My paternal grandmother owned a florist and bridal shop, as well as catered and provided video for the wedding day. My mother also owned 2 bridal shops and now directs weddings in her free time! Maybe one day :)

2. I've never been able to do the moonwalk.

3. I'm a Real World addict.
It all started with Real World Cancun 2 seasons ago.

4. I collect Me to You bear figurines
 My husband started this collection the first Christmas we were married when we lived in England.

5. I'm a CK Summer Camper!
Katie from Punk Projects mentioned this in her blog. It's free so I thought I would join the fun!!
You can sign up for camp here.


Cupcake of the Week:
4th of July Cupcakes
(of course!)

Recipe and pic found here.


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  1. I'm a Real World Addict, too!!! I was hooked when I watched Real World Denver {4.5 years ago! Don't worry, I googled it, I don't track time by the RW haha}. I actually tried out for the RW. Do you watch the challenge shows too?

  2. Yay! RW buddies! Yes, I have been known to watch the challenge shows too at times. New Orleans 1st episode was ridiculous! I was shocked!

  3. i wish you could become a wedding planner! i think you should do it! i want to see your dream come true.

  4. what a great post!! so fun! thanks for sharing all this GOODNESS!