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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A day with FRIENDS and a BABY DONKEY!?!?!

My Mom and I went to South Carolina (2.5 hour drive) this past weekend to visit some old family friends.  I was born in SC and lived there until I was 13. That's were my best friend lives and some really awesome family friends. 

We made a long day out of it.

No Justin Bieber!!! WHAT!?! That could make a little girl pout!

But, then we told her we would get to play with Laney, Emma, Abby, and Owen! That seemed okay!

Had fun with Laney, she's 4 months older than Ariana.

Had lunch out with Laney, her Momma Linsay and Linsay's Mom Dottie. Linsay and I grew up together pretty much. Her Mom worked at my moms bridal shop.

Eating their chips and salsa!

After lunch we drove to a different town to spend the afternoon with one of our favorite families. Ginny, Angie, Stanley and Lucy. Ginny was my babysitter when I was in elementary school and now she's got a 7 and 3 year old, Emma and Abby. Her sister Angie has a 2 year old, Owen. Their Daddy Stanley owns a farm, which Ariana loved!!

Playing karoake with everyone! She knows some Justin Bieber (of course) and Hey Jude, the beginning of her ABC's and I See the Moon! :)

Playing dress up for the first time with Emma and Abby!!

Ok, let's head out to the farm to feed some animals!

Ginny opening the gate for all the anxious kiddos!

Loving on the baby donkey, Anna Pretzel

Ariana LOVED feeding them!!

Emma taking us all for a ride on the golf cart!

Stanley and the baby donkey, Anna Pretzel (the girls named her of course haha!)

Chickens say bak bak!

Ariana told me to "sit right here"

Eating snack with Stanley, Abby and Madalynn.

If the big girls can do it, I can too! (Trying to climb the fence!)

Sliding with sweet Owen.

Playing on the farm is tiring! Taking a juice break and time to move on to see other friends!

We  changed her clothes (farm dirt haha!) and drove another hour up the road to meet with our friends Charlie and Judy, and Maggie and Dallas for dinner.

Munching on a french fry in Miss Maggies lap.

With Charlie and Judy.

It was a very fun day and nice to see lots of long time family friends!!


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  1. Awe...Looks like you all are having a great time! Your daughter is adorable!!!
    Have a great day!