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Monday, May 21, 2012


Life has been busy lately. We've had a few things to celebrate around here too.

Of course there was Mother's Day. The hubs had to work all weekend but that was okay, I got to spend the whole day loving on my little girl. We had a picnic and shared a milkshake and read books outside, went shopping and gave ourselves pedicures. Then we baked a chocolate chocolate cake just because we wanted to! After he got off work the hubs surprised me with flowers, cards and photoshop (I've never had it!). And of course I have to mention my mother's day wine from the year 2008 (Ariana's birth year!) So sweet! Ariana drew me the sweetest card!

Rich was recently awarded the wing ISR tech of the quarter. He's pretty awesome like that! We took him out for a steak dinner to celebrate.

And this past weekend Ariana cartwheeled through candyland at her gymnastics exhibition! She did SUCH a great job. I was tearing up watching her do her balance beam with a huge smile on her face! I was one proud Momma! She did floor routines with tumbles and jumps, balance beam (forward, backwards, sideways, with kicks and all) and uneven bars with flips and toe touches! She rocked it and her teacher told us afterwards how well she does and how quickly she picks it up. She's a scout in Germany for talent in 4-5 year olds and told us to keep Ariana in gymnastics because she can really go far! My heart was so full of pride and joy!

A glowing job well done like that got her a new gymnastics leotard for the summer and an Ariel Barbie!

We've been keeping really busy lately and I haven't had the time to post about what we've been up to. 
But, life is good!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of great things to celebrate!!

  2. I love the look on your little girl's face on the beam...such happiness and a sense of accomplishment on it :)