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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ariana at 3 and 1/2.

I totally meant to post this back in May but completely forgot about doing it. I'm here now, I don't care that it's late, I'm doing it anyways.

Recently I wrote down some things I wanted to remember about Ariana at 3.5. Here they are.

+ She is going to be a flower girl for my best friends wedding this September. She has been so excited and recently she took some of my flowers from my garden and sprinkled the flower petals on some passing ants and said "look they are getting married!".

+ She usually wakes up around 8/8:30am and goes to be at 8pm. She doesn't take a nap unless we are in the car going somewhere mid afternoon then sometimes she falls asleep.

+ She thinks we should get 5 pets for her. 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 gah-draf (giraffe) and 1 hamster.

+ Her favorite animal is the gah-draf (giraffe)

+ She loves to climb the apple trees in our backyard.

+ She recognizes all her letters and knows their sounds and can name things that start with the letters.

+ She weights 34 pounds and is about to move up from her carseat into a big girl booster seat.

+ She told me when she turns 5 she wants to be a channel surfer and can I please buy her a channel surfboard.

+ She loves playing birthday and pretending to bake you a cake in her kitchen and giving you imaginary presents you have to open.

+ She wants a brother AND a sister.

+ Some of my friends are pregnant and her new game is to stuff a toy inside her shirt and pretend to be pregnant too. The other day we were out shopping and she put her stuffed bunny in her shirt. When I told her to take him out now we were about to go in the store, she told me "no, he's not ready to be born yet".

+ Bain-danes (bandaids) are a new obsession and every little bump needs one.

+ She always wants to floss her teeth, randomly.

+ She loves finding and holding slugs (gross).

+ She can count up to 13 and then it turns to eleven-teen, eighteen and some mumbles.

+ She LOVES mushrooms and eats them first off her plate or out of her pasta. She also LOVES shrimp.

+ She likes to eat raw broccoli with ranch, apples, m&m's, goldfish, cheese, cucumbers, honey greek yogurt, pepperonis, jumbalya sausage and rice, green and orange tic-tacs, grits with eggs, peanut butter-nutella-honey toast, pizza, bread with olive oil, clementines, fruit roll ups, green grapes, spaghetti, pancakes, Spaghetti O's with hotdogs, and bacon.

+ She dislikes to eat onions, peppers, soda, garlic, anything spicy, and anything with nuts.

+ She wants her sunglasses all the time when we're in the car.

+ Her favorite songs are Jackson-Johnny Cash, Sherry-The 4 Seasons, Blackbird - The Beatles, Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's, and the Good Morning song and Miss Molly Had A Dolly song off her preschool CD.

+ Her favorite movie currently is Beauty And The Beast.

+ She loves going to the library and getting new books to read.

+ She loves Fancy Nancy stories right now.

+ Her favorite thing at the park is the slide.

+ She makes up her own songs - and they rhyme!

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1 comment:

  1. You will both love to reread this when she is about 8. Not so sure of her reaction when she's a teen. I think it's great that you're recording all of this.