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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dear Judah 9 months (and some change)

Dear Judah,

You are 9 months old already!
Your nicknames: chunk chunk, buggy, love bug, Judah bug, yuv-yuv (love love)

You've been waving bye-bye since 7 months
You started crawling really well around 7.5 months
You also pulled up to stand at 8 months
You started saying "hiiiiiiiiiiiiii" to us at 8 months
You wear size 9 month clothes and mostly size 2 shoes.

You love food, especially food you can feed yourself. Some of your favorites are bread, cheese, venison, noodles, Gerber meat sticks.
You love Hipp German baby food. I think your favorite flavor is Gulash.
You don't really like the peas, apple flavored food, avocado, bananas.
You go crazy over lil crunchies (ranch flavor) and yogurt melts!
You love paper things: books, cards, napkins. Wave them, tear them, carry them around.
You love music and love when I sing to you.

Your hair has some little curls on top that add some fluff to your head.
You play peekaboo and laugh when Ariana blows razz berries on your tummy.
You love playing with Ariana's baby dolls, your stacking rings and football.
You have incredible eyesight and try to catch little specks of dust you see in the sunlight.
You are fascinated by watching the rain on the car window.
You understand lots of words and respond to phrases like "lay down" "get your book" "What do you want"(usually it's milk)
You know some baby sign language your favorite "words" are "more" (put your hands together) and "milk" (squeeze your hand open and closed)

You love reading books together and love that I let you turn the pages.
You love when Ariana reads to you!
You've learned the climb UP the stairs and make a bee line for the stairs anytime you get.
You love baths but not leaning back to get your hair washed.
You always light up when Daddy comes home from work "Dada!"

You just learned to crawl while holding something in your hand at 9 months.
You got your first tooth on June 24th. (front top left)
You also started pointing at things and talking these past couple weeks.
You are fascinated by the ceiling fans in our hotel and are always pointing up at them.
You have been on vacation to Iceland, Switzerland, France, Croatia and the Black Forest in Germany.
You've traveled by car, plane, train, and boat!
You're such a great little traveler and love exploring new places with us.

We are about to move out of the only home you've ever known. Our home in Germany. Your first room, the place where you learned to crawl and pull up and cruise along the couch. The stairs you climb and the grassy backyard you love. It's a bittersweet moment for me as your mom but I know we'll have many more awesome memories in our new home. We're so happy you're part of our family little man! We love watching you grow and change and adore watching your personality blossom!


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