Friday, July 19, 2013

Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids {Free Printables}

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Ariana and I were thinking of something fun we could do one day and I came up with a nature scavenger hunt. Ariana loves any excuse to use her Fisher Price Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera so I added a bonus challenge for her by making it a photo nature hunt and she had to take photos of each item she found. It became a good way to document our findings. You can shop our favorite kid cameras on Amazon.

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This Nature Scavenger Hunt would be great for the backyard, local park, or a walk in the woods depending on what is around you.

I whipped up the list one morning after breakfast and I printed it so that it was about half the size of my printer paper (about 5x7) and easy for her to carry in her bicycle basket.

We took her bike down to the local walking path and start our photo scavenger hunt. She was excited to start searching she hopped on her bike and off she went!

Some of the items were easy to find while others like the butterfly presented more of a challenge but it was fun to watch her and she enjoyed discovering nature around her and checking things off her list as she found them.

And for the city dwellers I've created a City Scavenger Hunt for you too. I tried to include things that I thought most cities would have and that would be easy for kids to find.

I included pictures and words to help with reading and word association that's perfect for preschool/kindergarten age but can also be used for older or younger kids too.

You can make your own version of scavenger hunt lists by just thinking about things you would see in your backyard or around your neighborhood! It's fun! Even I joined in on the fun!

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  1. Thanks for the printables! I did this today with my daughter and we really enjoyed it. We are printing more to bring for friends at a picnic tomorrow. New park, new places to search! Thanks again! ~Cathy

  2. Stumbled across this post via pinterest and was really excited to use the printable with my niece and nephew. We used the nature one yesterday and had a lot of fun with it. Thank you!

  3. Thanks fot the scavenger hunt lists. Really great idea! Going to use them with my kids today.