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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photography Fears

I have such magical ideas for photographs I want to take. 

I don't know what stops me. 

Maybe it's shyness. Maybe it's the lack of time. Maybe it's the fear of failure. That I won't pull off what I have in my mind and therefore rather than fail, I don't even try. Or, it could be lack of courage to go out and experiment in that yellow field of flowers down my road. What if someone yells at me? What will the people driving by think? How much time will it take to get my equipment together, props etc, and drive there, and find a good spot and set everything up and shoot it? What if it starts raining? What if I waste too much time setting up that I can't get my shot like I want it? These are the things that run through my head.

Sometimes, I see such work that is so overwhelmingly inspiring that I stand in awe and get stuck on the fact that my photography won't ever be that amazing. I find myself studying inspiring photographs and wondering how they pulled that off. How did they get  a model that is so perfect for the feel of the photo? How did they find such a perfect background? What settings did they use? What lens did they use? 

And then, sometimes, I think why not. Just go and try Catherine. Just go out there and do it. You might like it. Someone else might like it. If you don't capture those ideas now, they'll be forgotten forever.

I don't want to look back on this time and wish I had photographed more. 

I need to learn to let go of my fears and follow my heart. I can't be scared of the "what if's" all the time. It's time to go and find my photography style. 
To experiment with different looks, feels, places. 
To challenge myself. 
To be myself.

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  1. Oh wow, I can't even tell how familiar this is. I have the SAME things running through my head. Constantly.

    I just keep reminding myself that everyone starts somewhere.

  2. So true. You take such creative shots, and your processing is great! (Love this poisoned apple shot.)

    So glad you were able to conquer your fears and visit the flower field.