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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pet Peeves

Pet peeves.
We all have them.

And some days doesn't it just seem like the world is against you? Throwing all these things in your face at once to see how mad you will get? I had one of those days recently and that got me thinking about all those little annoyances. Here are just a couple of mine that I've encountered recently or randomly thought of when writing this post. This should be fun.

What are some of your pet peeves? Do share!

                                                                       Source: via Catherine on Pinterest


+ When I'm pumping gas and when I go to put the nozzle back, even if I'm super careful, it drips a drip on my car.

+ People who invade my personal space. No, one inch is not enough. I don't need to smell your breath or have you step on the back of my foot while waiting in line.

+ When the toilet paper is rolling from the bottom and not from the top. I actually have to fight the urge to "fix it" when I'm in someone else's bathroom. That just happened.

+ When people say the things like "I'm so pumped". I don't know why, but "pumped" just seems like the wrong word. Pumped...shudder.

+ When people use facebook invites for actual parties where a gift is expected. A BBQ fine, but not a wedding shower?

+ People who park so crooked in a parking space that you either a.) can't get in your car when you come out of a store or b.) you can't park in the spot next to them because option a would happen.

+ When you have a song stuck in your head but you don't actually know all the words, just a line or two. It's like your brain won't stop until you say the words, which of course you can't because you don't know them.

+ Parents who bring toddlers to adult movies in the movie theaters. There are babysitters for a reason. If I leave my child with one, that means I don't want to hear your child during the movie either.

+ When people are stopped at a stop light, but every 2 seconds slowly inch their cars forward until the light turns green.

+ When a book is turned into a movie and it totally ruins the character you created in your mind. And then when you think of scenes, you can only see that specific actor/actress.

+ When a waiter/waitress comes every 5 minutes and says "is everything okay here". Sometimes I think you need to use your good judgement and quit interrupting me. At first it's "okay", but then it just becomes annoying.

+ Also, when a waiter/waitress brings your check when you've only taken 3 bites of your food. Don't rush me.

+ People who don't give credit when credit is due.

+ Taking a good picture and realizing the memory card isn't in there. The worst.

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  1. Great ones on your list!
    The final memory card one was a biggy for me until I upgraded my camera, and now the camera won't let me take a photo without the memory card... It also bleeps. Problem solved.
    That inching your car over the stop line at traffic lights is highly annoying.... Clearly life just isn't fast enough for them people!
    One of my major bugs is my neighbour and all their family parking inconsiderately around my driveway... Making it difficult to get in/out. That's all.
    Jennie. X

  2. Oh man that inching forward thing drives me nuts! Especially when they are behind me, creeping up on my rear end when I'm not going anywhere. That might also go along with personal space and people who do the same exact thing in long lines.
    Can I just say yes to all of the above!!!
    Also facebook pregnancy announcements. That really gets under my skin.
    Oh and my worst pet peeves are super friendly waitresses. The ones who call me darlin, sweetie and honey. I even had one lady rub my back every time she walked up to the table. I KID YOU NOT! Couldn't believe it and I wanted to crawl out of my skin! So uncomfortable!

  3. lol this the personal space thing I HATE ugh