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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring Break 2013: Salzburg, Austria

For our Spring Break trip 2013 we took a road trip to 2 different countries, 3 different cities. I already shared our visit to Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary. 

Our third and last stop was Salzburg Austria!

Salzburg was a quaint little town on the river surrounded by the beautiful Austrian Alps. It's right in the middle of all the Sound of Music filming locations. I've never seen the film (insert gasp here) so I wouldn't know but I loved the area!

There were so many churches. There was one point in the town where we were standing and we could see at least 6 steeples. There was of course a castle on the hill overlooking the town.

 Mozart's birthplace was a popular spot for tourists. 

Mozartplatz was a nice square where some kids were playing futbol (soccer) and there was a big statue of Mozart on one end.

 (See even in this picture above, you can see 3 church steeples!)

We dined at Cafe Mozart where we had some yummy food. I had a beef stroganoff and Richard had a goulash and dumpling and red cabbage. We had to try the Salzburger nockerln which is a famous dessert in Austria. It was a sweet souffle and to be honest we didn't see what all the fuss was about. There wasn't really much special about it. But now we can say we've tried it. 

Salzburger nockerln

Ariana loved having her own little nook in the hotel. Here she is "reading" in the chair by her bed.

The next day it was raining so we drove about 30 minutes to the Saltmines to tour them and stay out of the rain. We each got to wear a salt-miner getup and ride a train down 5 floors into the mines. It was pretty interesting (especially the huge slides) but we couldn't take photos inside since it was a working salt-mine.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens were pretty nice that time of year. Maybe in a few more weeks they would really be blooming but we still enjoyed them.

Ariana had a great time taking pictures of all the flowers and statues, especially the unicorns!

Love locks on bridges are common in European cities. You attach a lock to a bridge with your names or initials on them and throw the key in the water. It's suppose to signify your everlasting love. We've never done it but  I really liked this jumbo sized lock.

Mozart toys in shop windows and classical clothing/costumes from the Sound of Music.

Salzburg was a pretty old city! This was our view on the way out of town heading home.

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