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Monday, March 26, 2012


I've been seeing lots of "currently" posts, which I plan to do one later, but for now I'm looking back on the past 6 months and all that I've been and done. Making this list makes me feel accomplished.

While Rich was deployed I:

Shared 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies with Ariana
Bought a Ukelele
Sought out news about military in Afghanistan
Avoided news about military in Afghanistan
Celebrated Ariana's 3rd Birthday
Celebrated Halloween
Cooked my own turkey for Thanksgiving
Played Santa
Rang in 2012, on my couch
Celebrated Valentine's with a burger and a shake
Read 9 books
Paid off 2 small credit cards
Went to Paris with my Aunt
Aged 186 days
Did 60+ loads of laundry
Had 5 different house guests
Created a new savings plan
Had trouble sleeping
Slept like a baby
Was thankful for 70 little things
Painted 4 paintings
Called 10 German preschools
Offered support to friends
Took myself on a date at the bookstore
Achieved personal goals
Made mistakes
Danced around my house
Cried over Germany
Laughed over Germany
Laughed so hard I cried
Cried so hard I hyperventilated
Played in the snow
Cried when I found this article
Broke my macro lens
Sat while my car was fixed for 5 hours
Handled a German satellite company, oil company, and repair man.
Discovered new yummy recipes
Rediscovered my love for certain foods
Made crafts with Ariana
Watered our baby snails everyday
Disposed of 2 dead mice
Worried at night
Daydreamed about future vacations during the day
Fell in love with bacon
Sent sympathy cards
Sent thinking of you cards
Sent birthday cards
Sent thank you cards
Woke up from nightmares I couldn't remember
Made new friends
Ran into old friends
Watched girly movies as much as I wanted
Drove to the Frankfurt airport 6 times.
Drove to Heidelberg at least 5 times
Had a love affair with Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, and the soundtrack
Bought new nail polish
Wrote love letters
Wrote music
Fell in love with Gluhwein and Christmas Markets
Had a mini breakdown
Ran late
Arrived early
Blogged a lot
Abandoned my blog
Ate lots of chocolate
Drank lots of wine
Cried to friends
Said I could handle it
Took thousands of photos
Enrolled Ariana in preschool
Lost 10 pounds
Took lots of videos of Ariana
Bought 3 new house plants
Spent hours talking to friends on the phone
Learned a lot about myself and others

While Rich was gone I grew as a person, parent, and military wife. I learned I'm stronger than some people give me credit for and weaker than I like to admit at times. I discovered that time moves slow and fast at the same time but it's always moving forward.

While Rich was deployed, I did a lot.

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  1. Honestly, this is a MAGNIFICENT post...from the photo to the thoughts. I can only imagine what a difficult time the past months have been, but WOW...look how you have blossomed :). I am glad you are all back together as a family, but I am also glad much good came out of a difficult situation. Congrats :)

  2. Such a long hard journey but you did some amazing things! You are awesome!
    Ps. Have you gotten any of my emails or etsy messages? I'm curious about the painting!

  3. Now that is some list.
    I'm so impressed. You have a lot of self awareness which is great... great for your blog and great to read back in years to come.
    of course through this list i can feel your heartache whilst your man is away. It must be very hard at times... BUT looking on the bright side it MAKES you be strong, and independant and 'do' things for yourself.
    Congrats on losing 10 pounds and loving Twilight Saga.... I'm a huge fan of the books and had the opportunity to meet Rob, Kristen and Taylor a couple of years ago. It was a fun time.
    Jennie. x