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Friday, March 9, 2012

Deployment: Month 6 and Our Deployment Board

Well, this is it folks, March is homecoming month! 
We're almost done. We're on our 6th month.
I can almost feel his arms wrapped around me in a great big squeeze!  
It's been a long LONG road but we've almost come to the end. So close. We can do this!!

I kept forgetting to share with you our deployment board that Ariana and I made. Well 3 year olds (remember she turned three while he was away) don't really get the concept of time and while she understands days she doesn't really get weeks or months. So, I tried to come up with something that could show her how far we were into our deployment. 

I came up with the idea of doing a deployment board that would be like a board game and would mark off the holidays as we passed each one. I printed off coloring pages for each holiday and let her color them and we talked about them. Then, we glued them on our board and of course had little countdowns and things we did when we got close to each holiday. That way, she could see how far we've come, and how far we have left to go (so to speak).  It was the only way I could think to do it. For us this has worked really well.

I only showed part of the board because I don't want to reveal when he's coming home but I think you get the idea. Originally, I had wanted to make an Ariana cutout to move along the board but it didn't happen at first and when we got about half way through I gave up on the idea. 

But, I thought I would share in our excitement that March is finally here!!!

So, send some good vibes, say a little prayer, wish upon a star...whatever it is you do that everything goes smoothly (and safely) this last leg of this deployment. 

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  1. hurray! you answered one question I think I put in my latest letter to you. I bet it's like sitting on pins and needles.

  2. Ahhhh, the light at the end of the happy for all of you :)

  3. This is such a great idea! My daughter had just turned two when my husband left for his deployment and will be turning three around the time that he comes home. It is so hard to explain lengths of time to them at this age. Congrats on being so close to the end!