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Friday, May 3, 2013

Pregnancy Favorites (at 20 weeks)

I love being pregnant!

It's hard to believe I'm already 21 weeks (over half way there!) Last week I spent some time thinking of my favorite pregnancy related things that I could share. Here are some of my top favorite maternity favorites.

1. Old Navy Boot Cut Yoga Pants. Yes I actually got these to do yoga in and I actually bought a prenatal yoga video. Sadly the DVD is still in it's plastic wrapper. I never had the energy or motivation to pull out the yoga mat, move our coffee table and try out the prenatal yoga dvd. But! These pants are super comfy and I've worn them many days, both to the gym for some light exercise and also around the house or out and about doing errands. The full band holds them up great and they are the most comfortable pregnancy pants I own.

2. Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy was a book someone gave me during my first pregnancy. It's a pretty funny pregnancy read so I'm reading it again this time around.

3. Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow. This is a life saver for me. I even took it when we went on our Spring Break road trip. I'm usually a stomach sleeper so I have a hard time getting comfortable once the belly starts expanding and I can't sleep on my stomach anymore. I just tuck this baby under my bump and drift off. I've also snuggled the top (meant for your head) up to my belly and wrapped the other side between my legs and created a little nest. Only drawback, these do take up a lot of room in the bed.

4. Avocados. I'm pretty sure I was craving them at one point. Along with spinach. That was the 2 weeks all I wanted to eat was the green goddess grilled cheese sandwich. Avocados are amazing and delicious!

5. Curel Pregnancy Lotion. I use this stuff every night, or at least every time I get out of the shower. I used this my first pregnancy too and no stretch marks. I'm hoping it works as well this time!

6. CamelBak Water Bottle. The best way to stay hydrated. Fill this thing up and you're good on water for a while. I drink the most when I'm in the car or on the computer. I try to always carry this with me throughout the day.

7. Red Hots cinnamon candy. Sweet and spicy! Good for when I wanted to dry heave or just whenever the sweet tooth struck.

8. Nameberry. My favorite baby naming website this go round. My favorite part is the currently popular names for that day. You'll find some rare gems on there too. The forums are a fun place to pick up some old classic forgotten names or trendier hipster names. There are so many names to choose from. I've spent hours on here scrolling through names.

Another favorite pregnancy item that I didn't include in my roundup is the Bella Band maternity band. I like the lace ones. Perfect for pants that are getting snug, just unbutton them and layer the Bella Band on there to stretch out your wardrobe. Sometimes, I even wear them with my regular maternity pants to help hold them in place.

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