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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Busy Book {DIY}

For our 9 hour flight from Germany to Florida, I created a "busy book" for Ariana. I had this idea in my head of activities I knew she would like so I decided to put it together the last few days I was in Germany. It was so simple. I got a 3 ring binder, some folder dividers, and some plastic sheet protectors. I printed off a bunch of fun pages I found online and made some of my own. For the coloring pages I put them in the folder dividers so she could pull them out and color them and for some of the other pages like matching etc I put them in the sheet protectors so she could draw on the plastic with dry erase markers and reuse some of the pages.

Here is a peek into her "busy book".

 Ariana loves color by number so I googled that and printed off about 10 pages of color by numbers. I also printed worksheets with shapes.
 She loves to color animals and I found these great pages with pictures and words. We also made the fun number book where they circle all the number 1's on one page, 2's on another page, etc
 Things that are opposite and things that go together pages were a big hit. The ABC maze took some concentration.
 I created our own uppercase and lowercase letter matching pages and she loved the thinking pages like "which way is the animal facing" and such.
Hidden pictures are usually a favorite with her so I got some from Highlights website. Also added in more counting pages.

These pages are just some of what are in her "busy book", there are over 60+ pages of fun activities. If you want to make your own "busy book" for your little one, I've linked some of the best websites I found when making our book.

Websites I printed from:

It kept her entertained for a few hours of our flight although some of it took assistance from me to read the directions. Perfect for kids who need stimulation and something to think about. This could also be used if you homeschool as worksheets or just if you have little ones who need some fun activities to do inside on a rainy day etc.

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  1. This is so creative and amazing! I was educated at home from 3rd grade on, and as a mom of a toddler, planning to educate her at home, I can really appreciate this! Excellent work!

  2. The pages that are in the page covers did you have her use dry erase markers or did she pull those out of the slips as well?

    1. Yes, we used dry erase markers on the pages in the sheet protectors. We've used this many times over as an activity book for long rides in the car.