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Monday, December 21, 2009

Nice List

I made a Naughty List so of course I had to make a Nice List! :)

Dear Ariana,
You are at the very tippity top of the nice list! You are the sweetest little girl ever! You're so loving and smart and listen surprisingly well (most days) for a 1 year old! I love your sweet Eskimo kisses and I know you are going to get spoiled by Santa this Christmas!

Dear Richard,
You could not be a better husband! I'm so blessed to be married to you and lucky to have found you so early in my life. You fill my life with such love, I love being your wife. You spoil me and put up with my silliness. I love how you make me feel and how you love me. I love how helpful you are with everything around the house and with Ariana. I love you!

Dear Momma,
I'm so glad that we are getting to spend this Christmas together. I can't believe we haven't spent a single Christmas together since 2003. This one is going to be amazing! You are a great Mom, Mother in-law, and Grammy to me, Rich and Ariana. You always go above and beyond for those you love! We love you very much!

Dear Sarah,
I loved having you live here for a few months. It was great to have that time together to just hang out and be sisters. I know Ariana is lucky to have an Aunt like you! I know things are hard for you right now but you are strong. You are a sweet person and I know 2010 will bring great things for you! I hope you get your presents soon and have a Merry Christmas!

Dear Furbabies (Harley, Paco, Tucker, Ely, and Kylie),
Overall you are on the nice list. You have each had your own naughty slip ups but everyone I'm happy to say has made it back to the nice list!

Dear Postman (name unknown),
Thank you so much for doing your job. Without you I wouldn't have all the lovely Christmas cards hanging up in my kitchen, or the presents under my tree from family and friends. I know this season is super busy for you and thank you for always being cheerful and nice! Especially thanks for bringing my card back that I forgot to put a stamp on and waiting while I got a stamp! Merry Christmas! ((Oh yea Lindsay that was your card, you'll see when you get it!))

Dear Friends,
I love you all dearly and wouldn't know what to do without you! You crack me up and cheer me up! I love getting to talk and hang out with all of you! Thanks for being the supportive, loving, understanding, happy friends I need. I love you all! Merry Christmas!

Dear Bloggers and Readers,
Thanks for all the great blogs you post and ideas that inspire me! Thanks to everyone who reads my blogs and encourages me through comments and messages! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and getting to spend lots of time with those they love! :)

Dear David Green (founder of Hobby Lobby),
Nice list-A lister! What would I do without my Hobby Lobby! As long as there is a Hobby Lobby, you will always have a place on my nice list! Happy Holidays!

I'll be back soon with a Candy Cane cupcake recipe, and some Candy Coal you can make for those on your naughty lists!!


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  1. It's nice to see someone as mushy about their significant other as I am.

  2. What a beautiful list! Merry Christmas. :)

  3. awwww how sweet :) Hobby Lobby would definetly be on my nice list too! I go there at least 2 times a week!!