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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pretty Pink Panda

Aren't weekends the best!?!?!
 I just love them!
I've been watching more Weeds today and enjoyed some shopping with my family! 

Not much to post about. I've been working on some projects but I'm not ready to share them yet. Here are some pictures that I wanted to share!

Pretty Pink Panda makes her debut!!
 My pretty pink panda I crocheted. No pattern, I just went for it. That's what I love about crocheting. I love being able to pick up yarn and a crochet hook and create whatever comes to my mind! What do you think?

 She's fun! Do you think she needs a bow? Bow or no bow?

 We got our first edition of Food Network Magazine in the mail!! How awesome! I already want to try all the things I saw in there! AND NOW I want a new, bigger kitchen!

 My boys snoozing away on the couch. Paco is so funny!

 A little sneak peek into some crafts I've been working on. Just a peek! Crocheted flowers are fun!!

 I have some lovely plans for this fabric, and some others that I purchased last week.

Rainbow Brite!! I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE her! I was her for Halloween a few years ago (homemade costume of course, since all the store bought ones were pretty slutty). I found her at Target! Is she making a comeback?! I might have to go back and buy her!

Also at Target, I found a Create a Hello Kitty! Reminded me of Carrie since I know she loves Hello Kitty!

This girlie loves to read! This is her last night as we were getting ready for bed (notice the cute panda pajamas!! LOVE them!) She is reading the Bedtime Princess hehe!

That's all for now. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!!


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  1. cute cute panda you did an amazing job. I am jealous! I need to learn to crochet or knit SOON!!! Rainbow bright does not look the same. Why do they mess with the originals. They had to make Strawberry Shortcake not so cute. At least they kept Care Bears the same.

    I love Hello Kitty too. ( I see you had a little Star Bucks a girl after my own heart)I am busy crafting and scrapbooking.
    Have an awesome Saturday!

  2. i so so so so so jealous of your crocheting skills. that panda is super duper cute!

  3. Oh my goodness! I loved Rainbow Brite when I was a kid. How fun would she be to embroider? Off to find a pattern. :)

  4. that's funny. my husband is obsessed with weeds right now.

  5. the panda is really cute! & bows are never wrong! lol

  6. Such cute goodies!!! I looove your panda!!! Adorable!!!

  7. A rainbow brite comeback would be awesome!!

    I wish I could crochet, it seems so beyond me.

  8. I love that pink panda! I think a bow would suit her.

  9. I love Rainbow Bright! And your pink panda. : )

  10. I guess chimichangas don't make it into the weekend update :*(

  11. Your pink panda is so cute!!! JuJu's gf is light pink with a flower in her hair! Gosh I love pandas, whats her name? and YES! she needs a bow!!! *she would so cute in my collection*