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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Amazing Art!

I got the best mail today! Two great packages full of beautiful art! I love these girls!! Janel and Amy sent me some of their amazing artwork! It seriously  made my day!! I love them!

I love my custom "doodle" of myself that Janel made me!! It looks even better than I could have imagined! I love all the details she put into it. Cupcakes, yarn and sewing, my favs!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that she made me wearing my mint green spool necklace!!! :) She rocked it! My "doodle" is perfect! Thank you Janel!

Check out Janel's Etsy shop to see her other goodies, or get your own custom piece!

I also got....

My beautiful button cupcake painting from Amy. I love cupcakes as most of you know, and Amy knew this would be perfect for me! I know Amy put a lot of time and love into it and it is even more beautiful in person!  Life IS sweet :) Thanks Amy!

felt Polaroid frame, how cute are they! I can't wait to use them!

These 2 lovely prints! I love bubble baths and Paris!

Also, these beautiful prints! So true...

She also included these extra goodies! A cute cat print, extra pola pack, and "peace, love and cupcakes" print! She is so sweet!! Thank you Amy!! :D
Check out Amy's Etsy Shop for all her prints and original paintings (and other fun stuff)!

Remember this room from this post a few weeks ago?

Isn't it just lovely? 

I realized that I have a single bed in my craft room. I'm going to transform it into an awesome space like this. 

Here is my bed (before I make it amazingly cute) It's boring right now, but my cat Ely doesn't seem to mind.

I have my owl pillow that I made a few months ago that I'm going to put on here, and I'm going to hang all my artwork that I've gotten from friends on the wall above the bed. I even have shelves that my mom and I bought while she was visiting for Christmas. Those are going to display my cute things that people send me, or that I've made. I'll post a picture again when it's all decorated. Might take a while to get it cute enough LOL especially with the pillows. I've got to find some cute ones. Any ideas?? If you have any leftover fabric or pillows, or art, I welcome any goodies! :) Just email me at

Thank you again Janel and Amy for the lovely artwork! You girls ROCK!! :)


P.S. Tonight is DATE NIGHT!!! Hubby and I are going out! How awesome! I'm so excited!!

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  1. aww yay! i'm so happy you love it! :) :)

  2. What wonderful mail! I love all the artwork they made especially for you.

    Have fun on your date night!


  3. oh cute stuff your room will look great!


  4. I love those art works! So cute and lovely.
    Your artroom will be gorgeous!

  5. Super cute!!! Janel does ROCK!! I can't wait to get my drawing!! Happy Spring!