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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank you!! Mint Candy Apple and Happy Mail

 I want to thank everyone who helped me  find the Mint Candy Apple nail polish in this post that I've been searching for weeks to find! I love it, it rocks! You guys are the best! I looked and looked online for the perfect color. I couldn't seem to find any mint greens in the stores but you never know until you see them in person. I found Mint Candy Apple online but didn't look that hard for it, just randomly when I found myself in the cosmetic section of a store. I loved Amy's nails and asked her what color it was. She told me it was Mint Candy Apple. That's when I knew, yep, that was the color I wanted. That was over a week ago. Then the search was really on. Come to find out, it was a "fall" color from Essie, so of course the stores didn't have it anymore. But, now I do!!

Thanks everyone for all your help! It looks even more awesome in person!!

I like the color against my hair! So pretty! :)
 or even sipping some Starbucks, still looks amazing! (Ignore the cut on my finger, I cut myself making dinner a few night ago, it was gross and bled a lot but it's healed a ton!)

 Even eating my mint cupcakes it looks so cute! hehe!

Or even me just being silly! I LOVE IT!!!

I got some lovely goodies, some of these are old pics but I just got my laptop back, so sorry for the delayed bloggy shout out! :) You know I love you guys!

Gina and I did a little happy swap. We sent each other a few goodies back and forth to brighten each others days! Thank you!

Last month I had Jamie as my Happy Mail partner. She made me the cutest little painting! Looks just like my blog button! I love it! Thank you!

I did a craft swap with Lindsay. She made me a cute charm bracelet and these other button goodies! Thank you!

We weren't official Happy Mail partners, but Brianna and I decided to be unofficial partners.Thank you!

Sweetheart Jaime sent me these awesome goodies for helping her explain "rustic elegance" to her fiancee.
I'm so excited and love the bow coffee cozy, that is the one I wanted from my Christmas Wish List!! Thank you!

Also, thank you to my lovely girls this month for all my Happy Mail cards!! I don't usually take pictures of just the cards I get in the mail, otherwise you would have tons of pictures on here. I received I think 6 cards this past week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!! 
It's a big deal in Savannah, I totally wish we were there right now :(


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  1. Awesome goodies! I got your sweet card yesterday! Thanks so much! =)

  2. When I found that nail polish it was by accident. When I picked up the bottle, I just knew it was the coolest color ever. I was looking for a different color green. I can tell you totally agree--:D

    I am happy you loved the rub-ons.
    You received some pretty great goodies.

  3. It was a great party tonight in the SAV lol. I wish you and Rich could have been here for it! I love your nail polish and it really looks like you lucked out on all of those great goodies!! Miss you bunches Katrina!!

  4. it looks sooo good! ESPECIALLY with your cupcake! ahh! you're so pretty.

  5. I got your card yesterday!! Perfect timing!! and thos nails are gorgeous!! Love the color. Thanks again! Stay tuned for lots of mail surprises!! :)

  6. I went shopping yesterday and came across some mint green polish and it reminded me of you. :) Yay for the great happy mail!


  7. Beautiful nails! Mine are currently the same color :) And omg, I want ALL that happy mail. Suuuuper cute!

  8. Yay! I'm glad you like our prize. : )