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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I got my shimmy on!

Last night my friend Deedra and I went to a belly dancing class. It was our first time and wow, we didn't realize how much hard work it would actually be! Or how much concentration we would have to have to actually do the moves with our hips and walk at the same time! There were times I was so focused on my hips, that I felt like Frankenstein with my arms haha! 

It was tons of fun though and I think I'm going to start going every week! Ariana went with me and she was SO good. The teacher was really nice and didn't mind if children came. There was only a few people in the class so it wasn't overwhelming.

She was so cute! We even tied a hip scarf around her waist! I had to take a picture! (Sorry for the bad quality, it was pretty dark in there) She played with the coins on the scarf and read her books and walked around checking everything out the whole time. She did really good, I was really proud of her.

I'm hoping to get good at it and be able to move like Shakira!!! Wowzers! Wouldn't my hubby be happy when he got back! hehe :)

Tomorrow I'm posting a GIVEAWAY! 
It seems like there has been so many lately, so I've been waiting to post it. It's a good one! Some of my favorite Etsy stuff!


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  1. oh belly dancing how fun!!!!



  2. How fun girl!!! Enjoy your self and I am sure your tummy will be so toned!!! Your little girl is a dream!
    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. How fun! I would imagine that would be great exercise! I've always wanted to take a pole dancing class. haha! (seriously tho.) ;)

  4. Wow Im glad you were able to go and Ariana was good :) (Im not suprised though, she is always good) I do hope you stick with it! It looks like fun. Shakira is AMAZING!

  5. How fun!! Ariana looks so cute!

    I am not sure if I could do the dance. I would probably start laughing and pee myself. LOL!!

  6. I wish I had your motivation and confidence! I'll have to start with a daily walk around the block.

  7. ive always wanted to do that....looks like so much fun! glad youre enjoying it!

  8. omg what a doll!!! I took a belly dancing class years ago it was so much fun but wayyyy hard lol