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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Confessions (Teenybopper crushes!)

~Sunday Confessions~


I was reminiscing the other day with my sister of who all I used to be in LOOOVVE with (hehe), when I was a teenybopper. I thought it would be a good idea for a Sunday Confessions post. Without further ado... here are my were crushes!

1. Taylor Hanson
Mmmbop!! I was obsessed with him. I just thought he was the coolest thing ever (he was a rock star in my eyes!) and I had all their songs memorized by heart, I sang them everyday! I wanted to marry him. I used to love reading about him in Tiger Beat and Teen Bop magazine...ahhh the days!


2. JTT (that's Jonathon Taylor Thomas if you didn't know lol, Home Improvement)
He was on the first poster I ever bought! I loved his voice and thought he was cute and funny. I watched Home Improvement just to see him. I even wrote him a fan letter, of course he never wrote me back. I loved his voice!

3. Leonardo DiCaprio (Romeo & Juliet, and Titanic)
Such a romantic, he stole my heart. I would have died to be Juliet or Rose!! I even had a book all about him with pictures and stuff. I shared this crush with one of my middle school friends, Elizabeth.

4. John Stamos (Uncle Jessie, Full House) HAVE MERCY!
Bad boy turned sweet, yes please!

5. Mario Lopez (AC Slater, Saved by the Bell)
I was a Slater girl for sure! Of course I liked Zach and Kelly, but there was something about that dimple that made me swoon!

Ahhh this was fun!! Who did you have a crush on when you were a teen?


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  1. JTT for sure. I think I bought every Bop and Teen Beat that he was either in or on the cover of. I had posters all over my room.

  2. oh JTT....totally had it bad for that kid. i was mildly obsessed. and andrew keegan. so silly.

  3. Pretty much had a crush on all those fellas too...except AC Slater actually! Leo was the first non-ballet poster to grace the walls of my childhood bedroom.

  4. Taylor Hanson for sure!
    I also wanted to marry him. lol. ;)

  5. I have to say John is HOT!!
    I am older so I had crushes on Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell, Ilan-Mitchell Smith and the list goes on but those were my top three. I had to have all the mags that they were in.

  6. my best friend growing up LOVED Taylor Hanson. I preferred Devon S...(yea already forgot his last name--the dude from Final Destination and Leo! I wanted to marry Leo!

    PS i nominated you for a blog award. you can check it out here:

  7. River Phoenix I had it bad for him oh my


  8. I had a monster crush in Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains :) John Stamos is a hottie to this day.
    This was a fun post!

  9. oh wow! as soon as i saw Taylor Hanson, i said JTT has to be next! haha. and Andrew Keegan. I dont remember what he played on. but man he was hot, when i was 12! lol.

  10. I liked Leonardo DiCaprio "Romeo and Juliet" days. a lot. Hmmmm. I liked Jared Leto from "My So Called Life". hmmmm Who else... Brad Pitt "Legends of the Fall" days. Oh gosh. There was probably more. Seriously cool post.

  11. Wow, this is amazing. I had a crush on all these dudes, plus JC from NSync and Brad Renfro a la Tom and Huck. Mmmm.

  12. wow this list is a flashback!
    i also had it huge for dean cain from lois & clark! he was the best superman ever....