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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Confessions & Starbucks Cupcake!

~Sunday Confessions~

1. I think birthday parties just aren't as fun without balloons!
Yesterday I went to a birthday party for a 3 year old! Yep, balloons, I knew the party was going to be fun! It was so cute to see all the kids running around playing. I think there was more kids there than adults! Three year olds are soo funny. I can't wait for Ariana to get that age. Some of those kids said the cutest things! Balloons bring an extra magic to a party!

2. I hate taking pills.
I really can't stand taking pills. Firstly I have to be in serious pain for me to take medication for it. Secondly, I can't have anybody watch me. It makes me nervous and I get scared that I'm going to choke. Thirdly, even though I can't have anyone watching me, I prefer to have someone there. Just in case I start choking then they can save me!

3. I can hardly wait to have a second baby!
I LOOOVVEEE this picture! How sweet is this!?!?!

4. I would love to have a darkroom one day. 
Photography is great, but there is nothing like developing your own pictures. I seriously love it! FOR SURE, when I win the lottery!

5. I know someone who thinks these words should be in their wedding vows, and I think it's awesome!!

Cupcake of the Week:
Starbucks coffee cupcakes!


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  1. I love being in the darkroom. I took a photography class eons ago and being in the darkroom was my favorite part.

  2. that cupcake looks soo good. and i agree, balloons are awesome!!! btw i feel the same about taking pills. ick i hate it and only take them if i have to!

  3. that cupcakes looks awesome! I am the same way about taking pills lol

  4. Hey Cat!

    Sweet blog! Thanks for stopping by POP Fizz. I'm sorry you didn't win the Freckled Nest giveaway, but you should totally join the Bohemian Babe e-course to get in on the yoga-love! I promise to be gentle :o)

    xo Nicole

  5. First of all I am totally with you one the pill thing. I have the HARDEST time taking them!
    Also, I totally miss being in the darkroom, I worked in a darkroom for almost three years when I was a teacher's assistant in a B/W Photo III course so I was mixing developers and fixers everyday! I love the different results you can get just by changing one ingredient.
    Anyways, I see an enlarger at this thrift store by me every time I go there and it just sits there, priced triple of what it should, and it is missing parts....someday though.....someday.

  6. I have always wanted a darkroom as well!!! I took a photography class in high school and that is when my dream started!!!
    Yay for wanting to have another child!!! :D
    Yummy cupcake!!
    Have a great week!!

  7. a darkroom would be fabulous! definitely on my lottery list too!

  8. <3 You know you're awesome right?

  9. That preggers photo is just amaaazing! I've had some serious baby fever recently...not because I'm ready to have one any time soon but I'm finally able to picture myself having some in the future. I hope this biological clock isn't ticking too fast!!

  10. I hate taking pills too :( I like that maternity pic as well. Beautiful.

  11. cat! you amazing, beautiful ray of sunshine, you! i got a little happy in my mailbox and i want to thank you for it and talk to you about it. i can't seem to find your email or message link (probably just over looking it) but please send me your email so i can properly thank you for the happy :) jodi

  12. omg i looove looking at the starbucks cupakes when i go in there. unfortunately, just looking. but they are SO pretty.

  13. these are all so great! love your blog!

  14. That cupcake is sooo tempting!