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Thursday, July 15, 2010

If you give a Cat some yarn {and ETSY RE-OPENED}

If you give a Cat (me) some yarn...  she's going to crochet you some cupcakes!

I donated 6 crocheted cupcakes that I made, for a kids summer camp.

I made these cupcakes for South Carolina State University extended school year program in the speech center. Their theme for that week of camp was the book If You Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff.

 (Super cute books, if you haven't read them!)

The kids got to decorate them for a fun craft project. They had fun doing it! I'm so glad I got to help out a good cause! I know the kids really need that program.


On the Etsy front, my shop has been RE-OPENED!! 

You may have noticed, I closed it for the week of the move. I will be working on some new fun things while I'm here so be on the lookout for shop updates. I'll let you know in my blog when they happen! I still am getting settled in and getting a routine going for us. I hope my mom doesn't mind me painting in her dining room! :)

**If you want your OWN custom crocheted cupcake (like above), feel free to convo me in my shop and I'll create a custom listing for you! Add code CATLOVESCUPCAKES in the message box to seller at the checkout for FREE SHIPPING!! This discount applies to crocheted cupcakes only, from July 15 - August 5th {my BIRTHDAY!!}

Also my Mint Wood Grain Painting was featured in another treasury the other week.  See it, it's the second picture!! Love, love!

You can check it out here and see all the other awesome wood grain-ness. Love it!


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  1. hahah love the title!!!

    congrats on the treasury!

  2. omg i'm gonna have to get me one of those cupcakes!! it would look great on my new mantle once i get all moved and situated :)

  3. Those cupcakes are so fun! Congrats on the treasury!

  4. these cupcakes are so cute! sweet of you to donate them. :)

  5. Those cupcakes are adorable...I want them all!

    I have to go over and check out your shop.