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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes!!! {NEW Painting Series!}

Today is August 1st!!! 

It's the first day of my birthday month! 

In honor of my birthday (August 5th), I've painted some lovely cupcakes to put in My Shop! It's my Birthday Cupcakes Series! I've been working on these for a while now and I'm excited to finally share them!! Everyone knows I LOVE cupcakes, so naturally this was perfect for me! No birthday is complete without some cupcakes!

I painted 8 since August is the 8th month of the year.

Each cupcake is a combination of different colors, and each of them is topped with fun sprinkles! The backgrounds vary from pink, yellow, purple and aqua. 

Cupcake 1 for sale here

 Cupcake 2 for sale here

 Cupcake 3 for sale here

 Cupcake 4 for sale here

Cupcake 5 for sale here

Cupcake 6 for sale here

Cupcake 7 for sale here
 Cupcake 8 for sale here

Hang them separately or hang them in a set! Either way, they add some cute to your walls!
I've also posted discount listings if you want more than one so be sure to check them out!

They would be perfect in a nursery, kitchen or anywhere for that matter!



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  1. love the paintings. the cupcakes look really yummy, makes me feel like biting into one now. hehe.

    By the way, you have an award from me!

  2. Awe...How wonderful! I am so happy for you. Again I have been out of the blogging world for awhile. I didn't know you had a shop! Congrats!
    Oh and everytime I see cupcakes I think of you!
    PS Love your owl plushie! ;)

  3. Yay - Happy birthday month to you! :D

    These look good enough to eat! Bahaha - I couldn't help myself! :P lol I really wish I wasn't on a financial fast or these would be mine! :)


  4. Gotta love cupcakes. Happy birthday!! =D

  5. omg! those are SOOOOOOO cute:)
    what day is your birthday?
    mine is the 16th<3


  6. I think cupcake 6 is my favourite. They are soooooo cute. I really want one. Happy Birthday!

  7. These are super adorable. I'm in love!