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Friday, September 3, 2010

477, that's a lot.

I don't just paint, I crochet too!

I've picked up my crochet hook again. Lately I've been working on my granny square blanket that I started a few months ago. I'm making it to go in our bedroom. I love these colors together. I call them raspberry, snow white, and Tiffany blue. I can't remember what the real colors are.

I haven't decided if I'm going to make each square exactly the same or mix it up a bit. I like how this one looks with more blue than pink. I have a ton more to make so I have plenty of time to decide! This is going to be my "take-along" project while we are in the airport and hotels and flying on the plane.

Today, my Aunt is coming to play with Ariana so that I can go downtown and have some alone time (with my camera). I've emptied my memory card off and have room for 477 pictures. I'm excited to see what all random things I can find to take pictures of. I have no rules, no expectations. Just to go and photograph. Wander around, or sit on a park bench. I'm going to enjoy my day! I may only end up with one picture that I really like, I may end up with 50. I never know.

So, I hope you are all having a happy Friday! What are you plans for today and the weekend? I would love to know everyone has planned for Labor Day weekend. What are mine....oh just my husband coming home after almost 6 months of being away! Ya know! :)


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  1. I really like those colors together.

  2. I've only ever made a couple granny squares, even though I love them.
    Those ones you've made are really cute. I love the colors. :)