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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yes, I have an official cupcake!!

 There is a cupcake named after me! FOR REALS!!!! I inspired a cupcake! I'm proud to introduce to you the "Catherine Cupcake", complete with owls and pumpkins on top! I'm honored!! :)

My dear sweet friend Jen has always loved baking, and so it's no surprise that this past year she opened a little baking business called Jen's Sugar Shack. I'm always admiring her newest cakes and drooling over photos of her yummy cupcakes! Everyone loves her beautiful and delicious work!

This is Jen, isn't she a cutie!? She's an awesome person!

She surprised me the other day and named a cupcake after me! I am VERY honored to be named after one of my favorite kind of cupcakes! Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting,  now called the "Catherine Cupcake".

 These mini cupcakes are even cuter in person and SO YUMMY!!!

This is what Jen wrote about these cupcakes on her website:
"This is the "Catherine Cupcake". I have named it after my favorite red headed friend Catherine Murton! She is quite the Jill of all trades! Last Fall she posted pictures of her and her family at a pumpkin patch which were so vivid and beautiful! She has an eye for art and beauty! So when I was mixing this recipe, she popped into my head! She has a love of owls so I topped these mini pumpkin, cream cheese covered cupcakes with little owls! She has an Etsy shop which is closed at the moment, but when it reopens you will definitely need to check it out and see the imagination she holds! In the meantime you can check out her blog which I will have her post here!"

Show her some love, and check out her other beautiful cupcakes and cakes on her Facebook Fanpage found HERE


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  1. That's so, so cool and really super sweet! :D

  2. you are super lucky! i bet those are super yummy!

  3. Those look so delicious. I'm so excited that Fall means PUMPKIN CUPCAKES! (Although I guess they could really happen any time of the year!) I'm definitely going to be making some of these soon.

    Congrats on your new little cupcake! And please tell your friend that I love her use of exclamation marks (I always feel like I'm the only one using them like crazy)... I really feel like the world could use more of those! :-)

  4. Thanks Cat for blogging about the "Catherine Cupcake"! You were a great inspiration for them! You are so "sweet" telling what else you might inspire! Take care and may your days be covered in ICING!!!