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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Paint and Paper!

There are a few new things I wanted to post about today. First, really quick I wanted to show you my new business cards. These are new for this year. They're cool huh? I designed them myself with my own artwork! This picture shows the front and back. I seriously love them!

ALSO, I'm super excited to announce I am now offering  art prints in my shop!  I have posted 4 prints to start with, but there are more designs that are going to make the cut to become prints. This is something I've been wanting to offer in my shop for a while now. A less expensive way to showcase some artwork around your home. I love how they look when they are matted and framed! Be sure to check them out and keep your eye on my shop for new ones soon! 

I want to say congrats to Annselma who won my print giveaway on my fanpage. "You Are Here" print will be headed your way very soon!
AND, I'm happy to be sharing 2 of my newest paintings. Fun collage paintings!

Remember my first mixed media "Love It"?

Well, I recently sold it to a sweet girl as a gift for her sister. Saying goodbye to it, inspired me to make some more mixed media art.
I created Imagine Peace after visiting the John Lennon Wall in Prague earlier this month. I got so inspired! It's so pretty there, and all the graffiti layering on top of each other made you want to sit and stare at the wall for hours.

I also created another abstract piece, No 2. I love abstract because everyone gets a different feeling when looking at it. This piece has fun bright colors and a playful feel to me.

So, there you have it, 2 of my new paintings, art prints and my new business cards (love)! I've been feeling so inspired lately. I'm having a hard time finding enough free time to sit and paint. Add to that the fact that I'm in desperate need for some new canvases. I hope to be ordering some more soon, so I can get all these ideas out on canvas!


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  1. I love that you are offering prints now! I will have to check that out!

    Your imagine piece is perfect!!

  2. so pretty. I love the first one. the butterflies are such a cute idea

  3. love love the cards, the peace sign painting and the abstract is AMAZING! great job! :)

  4. Hi! Googlereader recommended your blog to me, and I love it! I love your photos from Prague! And your artwork is so cute!
    Is your husband stationed at Rammstein? I used to work at the Edelweiss hotel down in Garmisch, not sure if you all made it down there, but if not, you should go!
    Well, I look forward to reading more of your blog! =]

  5. I love your work! It's beautiful. I love the vibrant colours. Great business cards!

  6. Love love love the butterfly one!