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Monday, February 14, 2011

Colorful Hearts! {Valentine Craft with Ariana}


A few weeks ago Ariana and I made these cute and colorful "stained glass" hearts! It was a fun and easy Valentine craft for kids.

A few weeks ago Ariana and I made these cute and easy little "stained glass" hearts! It didn't start out being cute little hearts. Actually, it started from this project I found about melted crayons and watercolor. I was ironing pieces of crayon on paper and the crayon made pretty designs on the wax paper when I ironed it. So, I decided to iron 2 pieces of wax paper together with the pieces of crayon in between and see what happened. Low and behold, it actually worked and the wax paper melted together to hold in the crayons!

I loved the pretty colors that this made. I wasn't sure what to do with the pretty wax paper but loved the way it looked when I taped them up on the glass door to display them. That's when I decided they should be little stained glass hearts. I cut a heart shape out and glued it in between two pieces of construction paper to make the frame. Then I glued a bit of yarn to the back to hang it with.

I mailed these out to some family and friends, along with handmade cards from Ariana and a few pictures I took of Ariana from our photo shoot last week!

See how cute the hearts turned out!! 
Basically all Ariana did was design the crayon pattern. I grated the crayons with our cheese grater...probably not the best idea cause that was a MAJOR pain to clean afterward.
Then I put the grated crayons in separate bowls and let her do her thing. 

She watched me while I ironed and when I was putting it all together I gave her some of my valentine stamps and a red ink pad and let her stamp away on her cards she made! She loved that.

So anyways, this was a super fun craft. Probably would have been more fun with an older kid who can use scissors and that sort of thing, but I didn't think about that when I was coming up with the idea. Definitely something I'll do again when she's older!


Lots of x's and o's today!!

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1 comment:

  1. These are so beautiful and original, too. The colors are brilliant. It may be more fun with an older kid but Ariana will remember all the things you do with her and want to do them when she's older, too. Fun always stays in your heart.
    I talked to Malvina last Friday night and she sends her love to you.