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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My First Scavenger Hunt Sunday

In the past few weeks I've seen the creative photos that come from the Scavenger Hunt Sunday project over on Ramblings and Photos. This week I decided I would try to join in the hunt. I had fun hunting down each photo :) Next week I'll try to be more creative. It will be a great way to experiment with my camera and different styles of photography. Also it's great to see what other photographers come up with and be inspired by their work!

Enough with my are my interpretations for this week's challenge.

1. Chocolate
Mini box of Valentine chocolate.

2. Numbers
 A quick shot at the post office. I was scared someone was going to tell me I couldn't take photos in there.

 3. Canned food
 Grocery shopping. Not the most creative picture. I thought about it after the trip that I should have bought tomato soup and done and Andy Warhol inspired photo.

 4. Music
 Me playing my wooden flute. My mom will probably love this picture!

 5. Stack
 Our patio chairs stacked up, waiting for some nice weather so we can have a bbq.

I'm linking up here:

Have a lovey Sunday! I'll be back soon with my P64 photo for the week!


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  1. Great photos for the prompts! I especially love your take on numbers.

  2. I really like your hunt and your take on numbers.

    And you can play the flute. I am envious.

    Take care.

    PS: I like what is in your camera bag I am also Nikon!

  3. I enjoyed your take on the theme. The chocolates I like! And obviously you like it too because one is missing! Ha!

  4. So glad you decided to jump in - isn't it fun? Love your numbers photo.

  5. Glad you're playing along with the hunt. Really love that chocolate shot-great POV and your numbers shot is cool as well.

  6. Watch out, This hunt is addictive.. Hee Hee.. All your shots look wonderful.. I do love your music shot. Well done..

  7. OK, had to comment because I love the missing chocolate piece! Welcome to the the 'hunt!' :)

  8. I love the chocolate shot, with one piece gone...great! My favorite is the numbers though, very cool! (I would have been a little scared too;))

  9. I'm fairly new to this as well and it has been fun! Love your numbers shot. And, I like your take on the stack. Great job!

  10. So cool you joined the hunt, it is a lot of fun. :-) I love your numbers photo and interpretation of stack.

  11. So it's unanimous for me, I like everyone's numbers shot for the scavenger hunt the best. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great job on your first hunt! We had the same mini boxes of chocolates this year. Notice I said "had". :) My husband bought myself and each of our 3 kids a box. So sweet!

    Love the pic of you playing the flute!

  13. I think you were very creative.
    Love the numbers, the stacks, and the chocolate with a missing piece!

  14. I love your post office shot. :)

  15. clever number pic... I would have been a little scared too! ;) Love the chocolate pic... yummy!

  16. i love your blog.
    your pictures are great.
    i especially love the numbers one.