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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mustache March & Mood Change Nailpolish!

This week I thought I would share a few things. First up I want to introduce you to something called "Mustache March". I don't know if it's a military thing, or just a dorky guy thing, but some of the guys are using the month of March as a chance to grow a mustache.

I snapped this picture of my husband with is new mustache that's a few days old. It's kind of creepy but now he has to keep growing it because, well, because now I'm curious! Are any of your guys out there doing this??

(yea, it's ok if you're a little creeped out too, it makes me chuckle though)

My sister recently sent me 2 bottles of Claire's Mood Change nail-polish! It's so fun and wacky! This one works the best. It changes from a dark blue to a fun blue turquoise color. It chips easily so it usually doesn't last very long but it's so fun!

I can barely stifle a laugh when Ariana gives us, (or her toys) her "mad face" Seriously check out that adorable scrunched forehead!! And those eyes, man!!! She makes me laugh so hard some days!

I'm linking these up with You Capture - Body Parts this week for the photo challenge.

-Creepy Mustaches
-Funky Fingernails
-Mad/Cute Foreheads

There you have it.

I was having a blah day today so tonight I'm treating myself to a spa night at home. Avacado hair mask, mint julep face mask, and a new manicure! That'll cheer me up! 

Much love!!


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  1. Really cute! The mustace thing is very funny! I love your daughter's little scowl - too cute!

  2. That is so funny, Troy did a dad stache the month after Benjamin was born, yikes it was too creepy for me :) but we did get some really funny pics !

  3. Love the mad face - it is adorable. And um... spa night sounds like bliss. Can I come over?!?!? :D

  4. That mood change nail polish is pretty cool. I bet my daughter would love it.

  5. Love the forehead! So cute. And my husband grew a mustache on one of his Iraq deployments. I never saw it in person, but in pictures it was pretty much yuck.

  6. lol not sure about the mustache on Rich! But he is still just as handsome as ever :) I'm glad you liked the nail polish. I havent tried that color yet even though I own it haha. And OMG Ariana is too cute! She is my niece for sure! She really has some of my features when she does that lol.

  7. Found you on You Capture...that is a darn cute forehead!! Love it!

  8. I love the blue nail polish and fingernails. And oh my goodness, I love the expression in the bottom photo!