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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Garden: Before & After, ranunculus and other beauties!

My garden/patio was in much need of a mini makeover! Check out this before and after picture of our covered patio area. Eww, that brown bench is just horrible. 

I was going to throw it out, but decided it wouldn't hurt to have some extra space to sit outside. So, I spruced it up. Choosing paint was fun since the base has NO selection and German paint, well it's not the same, and plus we can't read the can!

A lot of sanding, priming and painting later, I had this! Beautiful isn't she!? I'm proud. Not only because I love the bright summery color, but this was my first project of repainting furniture. Nothing spectacular, but to me it made a huge difference. And of course, flowers never hurt!

Ariana and I (and Rich) have been doing some gardening the past week or so. Her are some peeks of the flowers we have planted.

Ariana picked these yellow ones by herself. She insisted on getting some yellow flowers! 

And, you may have seen the flower below on my Scavanger Hunt the other day, but I loved it so much I decided to share it again! I love that you can actually SEE the pollen specks on the petals.

And this baby is my favorite flower in my garden. It's a ranunculus. It's my new favorite flower. I finally figured out what kind of flower it was this year. I scooped up the last 2 that the base had for sale the other week. Love it!

Plant a garden was one of my April Goals! Check!!


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  1. I love the repainted bench!!! Very cute!!! And your flowers are gorgeous. I wish that I had a talent for gardening. I have None.

  2. Love the bench! Perfect color and so cheery for the garden!
    That purple flower is simply magical. It looks like it is sparkling with glitter.
    And I love the last one too! It's definitely beautiful!

  3. I used to repaint furniture pretty regularly...don't know why I stopped. This makes me want to do it again. I think your mini-makeover really made a huge difference-and the flowers don't hurt either.

  4. Love, love, love the bench! You're going to be addicted now to refinishing! Haha! It really made a huge difference and looks fantastic. :) Your flower photos are gorgeous... I'm so jealous of anyone who can grow anything like that. My little pot of impatiens by my front door is still hanging in there, but I feel like it's only a matter of time. Send some green thumb vibes my way!

  5. Loving the bench, it turned out really well! We are remodeling our home and have yet to get to the backyard (it's beyond ugly).. I can't wait to finally tackle it!

  6. Oh what gorgeous blooms you have captured! Such a lovely spring you must be having...

  7. Your bench is beautiful! I really like it and I would love to find a bench like that to do over for our apartment balcony! great job :)