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Monday, April 18, 2011

Moss Initial (Quick Tutorial)

I ordered the stuff to make this from Hobby Lobby forever ago, and it was my "me project" for March. 

I can't believe I'm only JUST NOW getting around to posting it! I'm such a slacker sometimes!

Here is a super quick tutorial!

All it takes is a big wooden letter, some fake moss, glue, scissors and ribbon.

I laid my letter out on the back side of the moss and trimmed around it, leaving enough to fold over all the edges.

You are warned, this is a VERY messy project!

Then, just hot glue down your moss all around and glue a ribbon on the back to hang it with.
(Note: I glued 2 separate ribbons on the back, and then made a bow out of another piece of ribbon and glued all of it together.)

Quick and easy!

I'm going to put it on my art wall in the living room. Here's the progress I've made so far.

 I have a few more things in mind to finish up the wall. I can't wait to bring it all together! I'm going to add my print from The Wheatfield and some sentimental pieces and a custom painting hopefully soon!


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  1. this is soo great! love the earthy feel and look!

  2. I love that! Very neat idea! :)

  3. Pretty! I, too, need "me" projects.. sometimes it's just nice to make something for yourself and not have to worry about it being perfect or getting it put in the shop. Plus, it's always refreshing to create something in a different media than your usual! ;)

    (PS. Hello up there, neighbor Lindsay! ;)

  4. Love it Cat! It also seems easier than some of the other ones I've seen where you used the packaged moss and add little bits at a time!

    p.s. I tagged you in a little something fun on my blog. =)

  5. sooo, i saw you on the real people in love series and noticed your georgia shirts! my hubby and i went to auburn, but live in athens now, so i was curious about your connection to uga. i saw your shop advertised somewhere else in the blog world and love your style! i am also a painter- but go through phases of painting and haven't really done anything in a while... anyway- so hi. and i liked reading about your story on adventures in love and happiness. and i like your painting :) (this moss letter is cool as well!)