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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring: Pretty in Pink!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Germany is beautiful in the Spring. Rich was actually sweet enough to pull over in at a German grocery store for me to hop out and run across the road to take these sweet pictures of a flowering tree. I think it may be a cherry blossom tree? What do you think?

Also, these are my first ever photo's I've put a watermark on them. I usually hate watermarks and feels like it ruins the pictures, but I decided to take a step to protect myself and my work and I'm trying them out. I tried NOT to make them obnoxious.

How do you think they look?
Do you watermark your photos?
Do you hate watermarks?

But seriously ::sigh::  I love you Spring!!

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  1. Your watermarks are very unobtrusive. The only ones I really hate are the ones photographers put across the middle of their photos! The trees are so beautiful. I can't wait to have blossoms to photograph!

  2. Beautiful, didn't even notice the watermark until you said it.

  3. Lovely pinks! It does look like a cherry tree, although the ones where I live are usually white.

    Your watermark is nice. I have a hard time with them. Not only are they are an added extra step, if I put them on a picture, then I end up with yet another copy on my hard drive.

    I wish that Blogger had an easy tool that automatically put one on when you uploaded the photos.

  4. What lovely blooms you caught! Your photos of Germany are amazing :D

    Also, I used to watermark - but honestly got too lazy to keep it up. I think yours looks nice and very subtle :D

  5. Love your photos! I didn't care about watermarks before, but I recently started learning how to use a DSLR and I also feel like it is important to protect my photos. I like yours! I don't think it is too distracting at all!

  6. I think those are cherry blossoms. They're gorgeous! I think you have every right to watermark your photos. I personally don't but that's because my work isn't particularly popular or anything yet. As for if I find them annoying or not, it's only annoying when they're slapped across the middle or most prominent part of a photo. In the corner is tateful and doesn't bother me one bit :-)

  7. Beautiful photos!
    Sometimes watermarks are annoying, but it's just the sad state of the world we live in that people are forced to use them to protect their work. :( I totally understand why people use them, and I probably should with certain photos, but most of mine are just little snapshots, so I don't bother... haha!

  8. We have a cherry tree that looks a lot like that but miniature blossoms. Your photos are beautiful.

  9. i think your watermark is very delicate and doesn't ruin the picture.

    spring is my favorite season! love all the new growth!

  10. These are great, Cat! I especially love the last one! :)


  11. these flowers are soo amazing!!

    btw, saw your fabric tape tutorial on S&C the other day and it is amazing! i am a new follower of your blog! :)