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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paris - part 2

Paris, Part 2. 
Check out part 1 if you missed it before.

Today I'll be sharing pictures of Crepes, Escargot, Arc De Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower (day pictures) and some other Parisian scenes. Fun, fun!!!

First taste of crepes with chocolate.

A lady making crepes.

I kinda liked this sign by the Metro station.

This lady just screams Paris to me! I loved her!

Standing in the median by the Arc De Triomphe. I swear there are at least 5 lanes of traffic on the roundabout/traffic circle around it and there are NO RULES! People are just pulling out in front of people and there is a lot of honking and gunning it and probably cursing and swearing! I would NEVER drive on that, much less ride a bicycle like we saw some people!

This building just doesn't seem to fit in.

Hmm what is he looking at?!

Oh wait, he's looking at the Eiffel Tower and me taking his picture!! Ha, I'm such a dork. He loves it!

See above, dork!

My favorite family picture from the trip. 
I took my tripod and set this one up. 
I love that Ariana is being her crazy, dramatic 2 year old self!

Looking up into the Eiffel Tower.

One of the street performers.

The carousel that we didn't get to take Ariana on, maybe next time.

I love the business guys carrying loaves of bread. Some of them were just biting off big bites as they walked down the street.

Dinner nearby the Eiffel Tower.


Hahaha, it looks gross but it's so good, I promise!

I was so happy when Ariana tried it and liked it. Oh her plate she's eating Escargot and frog legs!

Rich's frog legs.

I have so many more photos to share but I'm limiting myself. 

Tomorrow is going to be really hard to cut them back. 
You still have Eiffel Tower at night and Notre Dame photos and other random ones to see!

See you again soon!


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  1. These are so awesome to look at. I can't believe they have no traffic rules. That is so strange. As for escargot, I don't think, no matter how good anyone says it is, I will ever eat a snail. ha ha ha. Some things just sound so wrong to consume. Snails and Frogs are one. Dave loves Frog legs. ha ha ha. He says it tastes like chicken... I said, well, I'll stick to chicken. ha.

    LOVING the pictures.

  2. these are all so awesome!
    Oh and my favorite is definitely the one where you look like you are holding the Eiffel tower! I love it!

  3. love the pics!
    you had lovely weather too! :)
    look forward to seeing the next ones xox

  4. I love the odd-angled pictures of famous landmarks like this. I got so many off-centered/close up/side pictures of the Taj Mahal when I was in India, because I feel like everyone else is always just taking the typical straight on pictures!

    I love that family picture. So cute!

  5. I'm so impressed that Ariana liked Escargot! How cool! All the photos are awesome. :) Thanks for sharing!