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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (10)

Wow, I can't believe I've already taken part in 10 of these! Doesn't feel like it could be that many already!

Lucky you, you get a sneak peek at a few of my shots from Paris this weekend. Off we go....

Give Me Flowers:
Close up of one of my roses from my Mother's Day bouquet. I rarely get flowers because husband thinks since flowers barely seem to last a week, that it's a waste of money and he'd rather buy me something I can keep and use, like a new lens (wink, wink). I agree, but I still do love getting flowers!

Visual Contrast:
 I saw this flower growing in a completely concrete parking lot one day. Of course it was a day I didn't have my camera with me. I went back the next day with my camera and took the picture!

 Looks like two little kids playing, well it is, but this picture is special. Ariana (on the left) is mine and speaks English. The little girl on the right spoke French. AAAANNNDD this was taken in a park right beside the church of Notre Dame. So surreal. Children make friends anywhere and everywhere, play has no language barrier!

Before and After:
Ariana and I did a little coloring the other day. I'll give you a hint, I colored Zoe :)

 DARK chocolate filled pastry in Paris (I could live off this buttery, flaky, chocolatey goodness) Oh and Starbucks. Gotta start my mornings out right!

I'm linking up with Ashley at Rambling and Photos:

Oh and be sure to come back later this week for more Paris pictures from this weekend!


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  1. Really nice work - I like your visual contrast and friendship shots. Great job!

  2. Great set of photos!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your visual constrast photo!!
    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  3. As always, I love your photos. The flower is probably my fave... but I also love the flowers in the parking lot... and the one of Ariana playing with the little French girl... Haha! They are all too good!

  4. Oh- these are fantastic- they each made me smile!

  5. I love these reminded me of the many days my son made friends at the park while we lived in Strasbourg. It always was a little miracle to see no barriers. Love all of these shots! really, love them

  6. Super macro of the rose!
    I love the visual contrast - a perfect subject and the dark has me craving chocolate. :)

  7. Love your interpretations, they sell those chocolate filled croissants at Trader Joes... I have some in my freezer that I need to make pronto!

  8. Beautiful shots! I love the first one!

  9. Dark...... yum! Lovely captures really like the visual contrast shot!

  10. I love everything about your contrast shot - the perspective, the lines and curves, the flower growing out of the cracks - awesome!!

  11. love your shots the dark one made me hungry!

  12. I love your shot for Dark but the visual contrast is really gorgeous.

  13. I adore the one of your daughter and the other little girl.
    Such a sweet story behind it too!

  14. Wow, these are awesome! Every single one!

  15. I love, love, love your visual contrast shot. The flower in the pavement, along with the color, make for a fantastic image. Thanks so much for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!

  16. First and last are my favorites. Although they are all really great.... :)