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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ariana's Alphabet -- B

Note: Ariana's Alphabet was created out of my need for more structure and learning while playing and creating together with my 2 1/2 year old. Each week we will explore a new letter of the alphabet and incorporate different activities along the way that go with our letter of the week. See other letters we've done by clicking the Ariana's Alphabet label highlighted in blue at the bottom of this post.

This week we learned about the letter B. We didn't do as much coloring as previous weeks but we sure did a lot of crafts and a great variety of B activities.

B is for Butterfly
This week we made one of my favorite and prettiest crafts! These were so simple too. 
Coffee filter butterflies! 
Simply lay your coffee filters out on paper plates and let them paint with watercolors on them. Once they are dry, scrunch them in the middle. Fold a pipe cleaner in half and wrap around the middle. Curl the antennae out to complete it and ta-da!

We strung them up on our project display. I created this to display her colorings and projects during the week. It's right above our kitchen table so we enjoy looking and talking about it all over dinner!

B is for Bowling
We went bowling as a family this week. Ariana does pretty good for only her second time bowling and only being 2 1/2. She beats me already!

B is for Banana Bread
Ariana and I had a good time baking up some yummy banana bread. I'll have to share the recipe one day! Yum!! She loved helping mash the bananas and mix everything together!

B is for Buttons and Box
We had fun painting a little box (thrift store find) and gluing buttons on it. It's perfect for her dress up bracelets she just got.

B is for Beach.
We pretended to spend a day at the beach (in the backyard). This week we created her a cheap sandbox. An under the bed box and sand - perfect! We played with sand and water and even had a beach snack. This was really colored sugar, gummy rings, teddy grams, gold fish crackers, and crushed graham  crackers on top of pudding. She loved it!

B is for Blood, Bubble Baths and Books
We watched Daddy give blood this week. She indulged in a few bubble baths and we totally scored at the thrift store and got 12 awesome books for $2.50. Muppet babies, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, a few Golden Books and others in practically new condition. Have I told you how much I love our book selection at our thrift store! Best place for getting cheap children's books!

In case you are new or missed it before, be sure to hop over and check out the other letters we've featured so far: D, S, & X . Be sure to come back to see how we celebrate learning different letters each week!

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  1. This is such a great idea! We're going bowling tonight!

  2. Very clever! I love the fact that you're incorporating learning with playing and activities instead of just printables and a classroom setting! Very hands on!

    Thanks for coming and playing this week at It's Playtime! Hope to see more play ideas from you this coming week!

  3. Adorable. I agree with Jamie. Hands on is so much more fun!

    Can't wait to check out the letters you've already done. We're still moving slowly through the alphabet, so we'll have to check back and get some ideas from you!

  4. these get better and better Cat!
    I think my favorite is the butterflies though! So colorful and unique!

  5. Love the butterflies. Beautifully simple and effective. My girls are going to love making them. xxx

  6. I'm back to tell you that I selected your Alphabet activities as my favorite play post of the week on It's Playtime! -- I just LOVE this different approach to the alphabet activities and learning ideas!

  7. Love these idea! These are much better than worksheets!!