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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ariana's Alphabet -- A --& first day of preschool!!

Note: Ariana's Alphabet was created out of my need for more structure and learning while playing and creating together with my 2 1/2 year old. Each week we will explore a new letter of the alphabet and incorporate different activities along the way that go with our letter of the week. See other letters we've done by clicking the Ariana's Alphabet label highlighted in blue at the bottom of this post.

Yes, I know, we skipped a week of Ariana's alphabet just because of traveling and the excitement of being with family I didn't have time to plan anything. Then we were on vacation. These pictures are from LAST week, oops.

And even more exciting news, Ariana has started going 3 mornings a week to a preschool here. It's great there. Her teachers are so nice and they have art, gym, water play, music, computers, dance, play centers, and once a week the ice cream trucks comes and the kids can buy an ice cream, they love that part! She goes Mon, Wed, Fri from 9-12. Just long enough to get to play and have fun and give Mommy some space too. The first day was more difficult for me than her, so that's good!

We did squeeze in some "A" activities this week.

A is for Aunt Sarah
Ariana has been enjoying her time with my sister Sarah. It's not often we get to see them so when we do, it's a treat!

A is for Apple
These didn't work out as great as I had hoped but we had fun making apple prints on paper with some paint and apples cut in half. And then of course snacking on the ones we didn't use for our crafting.

A is for Alligator
We saw some alligators at Flamingo Gardens this week. They even had a exhibit set up where you could learn some info about them and see skeletons.

A is for Aloha
Her class had a Hawaiian themed week and had a party where they danced and got lei's. We taught her that Aloha was how to say hello in Hawaiian.

A is for Alligator Pie
This is bacially a Watergate Salad recipe, but I remembered making it in like Kindergarden and low and behold my mother had saved the recipe they gave us (she's one of those moms). We whipped this out and made it the other day. The recipe was kinda vague and I'm not sure the measurements were right, but good none the less and Ariana had fun mixing as always!

A is also for Abby Cadabby, Ants and Airplane. 
We colored some A pictures this week and the week before and of course our flight over from Germany we talked about A is for airplane.

Here are some photos from her first day of preschool.

 Classic backpack by the front door pose. Excuse the bathing suit cover up. They had waterplay that morning and it was required. So cute though!

 Walking in for her first day.

Checking out the classroom and meeting some friends. Excuse Mommy, she was looking a hot mess because she rolled out of bed, excited about having some gym time while A was at preschool.

Ariana loves going to preschool and making new friends. She talks about this little boy Logan a lot, it's cute!


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  1. Glad your back safe.
    Dash starts kindergarten August 24th and I am so going to do the classic backpack by the front door shot!!
    Rec'd your postcard and was so excited when I got it!! Thanks a bunch ;-)