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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Goals and Rainbows

(There was a rainbow yesterday so you're getting the privilege to see a few rainbow shots along with my goals for the month. Well actually the same rainbow shot, just edited and then not. It's fun. For this one I cloned out some junk and tweaked the contrast and coloring a little.)

July Goals: (how did I do?)

1. Go on a date night (or 2 or 3) with my husband before he deploys. We did, we had a romantic dinner at Blue Moon Fish Co. and also some special time together (and our own hotel room with Ariana) while in Key West.
2. Spend lots of time with my sister and do sister things like get a pedicure together!
I think so! We didn't get pedicures done but we painted our nails a lot together!
3. Try my best to see my friends Maggie, Nancy and possibly Marie. I got to see my Aunt Lavon who drove down from Georgia. Also Nancy is coming TODAY for a few days!!
4. Enjoy the little things I miss while living overseas: mall shopping, air conditioning, beaches nearby, Momma's cooking! A BIG HECK YES!!!
5. Shed 5-10 pounds and purchase a new bathing suit! I doubt I've lost any weight, I don't feel like I have. While I have made some apparances at the gym, I think my vacation eating has balanced me out. I did buy a new black and white polka dot bikini that I feel pretty hot in!

July was a pretty relaxing month. I wanted to do a lot of easy, fun things and that's what I did!

August will be a busy one. My birthday! (eeeppp!), flying back to Germany, readjusting to the time change (it's always worse for me going that way), preparing for Rich to go back to the states for more training, preparing for his deployment. Sigh.

 (edited with a filter called "Toy Camera". No idea what it is, but I like it!)

August Goals:

1. Celebrate my birthday!
2. Read a book. I was slack last month. I guess reading 75% of "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" on the Kindle outloud on the drive the the Keys counts, but I didn't finish it so I need to do that.
3. Paint something new. It's been a while.
4. Plan my 30 day photo challenge (I want to host one on my blog for September, who's with me?)
5. Get back in the swing of Ariana's Alphabet. I just haven't had the time or supplies since I've been here.


What are your goals/plans for this month??

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here is the SOOC shot! I'm learning my way around my Aperture!

(Some shots just NEED to be edited! I'm fond of the first one, how about you??)


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  1. Love the edit! Congrats on a successful July too!

  2. Congrats on July - and have a blast with #1 for August!
    As for Sept - I can try to play along for 30 days - are you thinking of doing themes for each day? I'm good at taking photos often, it's the uploading them that I never do! Who knows, maybe you and Sept can help me develop a habit :)

  3. Thanks!
    @Mel, yes thinking of coming up with prompts for each day and doing a re-cap each week. I can't decide whether I want to post the whole thirty at once, or break it up into weeks and post each week, or each day...

  4. You know I'm in for September!! I so need to get my camera out. I've been focusing on my sketchbook for too long. I need to find a balance.
    I really like the first one also. It looks really dreamy and mythical without the trees.
    Awesome list of goals.

  5. You're an August baby?! ME TOO!!!

    I may join you for your challenge...I'm not sure. I'm not real confident in my photography.

  6. ahh this is a great idea! I might have to borrow it. :)

    I'm also a semi-crafty Leo AF wife! Small world.