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Friday, October 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday {3}

Friday I was thankful for the awesome books I scored at the thrift store in perfect condition for only $2. I'm sure it was a $50 haul at least!

Saturday I was thankful for awesome penpals. I got some long letters and especially loved the 4 page one from Amy.

Sunday I was thankful that I got to talk to three of my favorite guy friends on Facebook. My husband, Jeff and Andrew.

Monday I was thankful for The Hunger Games! I started it that night and was immediately hooked. Thanks to everyone who suggested it. (I finished it Wednesday night!)

Tuesday I was thankful for a beautiful sunny day at the park. Apparently it was the last one we're expected to have for a while.

Wednesday I was thankful that I could eat chicken noodle soup for breakfast. Having a cold is blah!

Today I was thankful for Ariana. I stumbled upon 2 blogs about 2 different mothers who lost their babies. One at 7 months and one at 4 months. I found myself sneaking to their blogs several times today and reading their stories. Their grief is almost palpable. It's so raw. And it makes you take a moment and really appreciate your own child. Their health. Their happiness. Their 2, almost 3 year old mischievous selves. Today I was thankful for the little messes she still makes when she eats, her rediscovering that annoying whistle, her laughter when she plays, stepping on a Barbie shoe. Even though I'm hoarse from a cold/cough I sat and read to her for over and hour while it rained outside. I took the time to get extra hugs. Let her play extra long at bathtime and read her an extra story at bedtime. I'm thankful that I have these things to be thankful for while those mothers who lost their children would give anything to have those moments back. I tried take in every second of today.


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  1. So glad that you got my letter! I have a tendency to write long ones. Hope that's ok! ;)
    Whoohooo! Hunger Games! It's so addicting isn't it! My husband is reading the second one now!
    so glad you got to talk to your husband on fb! It's a wonderful thing! I talk to my friend who is stationed in Germany as well on facebook too! It's so good to hear from him!
    Hope you are having a great week so far friend!

  2. I appreciate seeing your thoughts of gratitude for even the small things in life. You are indeed lucky to have a perfect little girl to love and guide through a happy life. Losing a child is the hardest thing I've ever been through. Every day the grief remains at the back of my mind, even 31 years later. Enjoy every day with your family and never forget to tell them you love them.

  3. A lovely insightful post indeed. Yes we all need to be thankful for our families...
    great bargains from thne thrift store.. I love Dora from when my son was tiny -- brings back lovely memories singing long. ;-)